Finally ordered an 8gpm washer!

Well its taken a couple years to get to this point but I finally placed my order with Bob @ Pressure Tek for an 8gpm machine. Currently using a 4gpm pressure pro that has been great, and this should be a nice upgrade. Cant beat Pressure Tek customer service, called earlier today and Bob himself answers on the first ring and within a couple of minutes has my whole list of questions answered. Thanks Bob

Congrats on the new machine :slight_smile:

Bob’s the best. I put in my first order today, and he was super helpful. Walked me through everything I needed, was informative about other stuff I may want to look at, but didn’t try to sell me on anything.

Bobs great!!

The first thing your probably going to say the first time you pull the trigger is Holy Sh!T !!!

That’s wicked. My machine is on route from Florida now! I’m excited for more efficiency and the Holy Sh!

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Victoria BC Canada

Got my new machine today. My first questions: where do you connect the supply hose?? I do not have a water tank yet and am still connecting with a garden hose. Is this a clamp system?

forgot I said anything…I just talked to Bob at PT and he set me straight.

So tell us so that the next time a new guy has that question, the answer will be right here.

Ahh, the beauty of forums.

Your right your right. How very selfish of me.

He said I will need to get a buffer tank(I researched the machine, but obviously not the part of a buffer tank). Get a 1’ hose to connect the tank to the pump with a clamp. He didn’t mention this, but have since learned from these forums, that a float valve and a filter are also good to have for the buffer tank. Then make sure you loop your unloader hose back into the tank to save on water.

You gotta know that I didn’t mean it that way. :slight_smile:

We don’t use a float valve because we work on jobs that have wells and the flow is already compromised enough.

A big filter in that 1" line from tank to pump is a pump saver.

Congrats! You will love it, just remember your 4 GPM had a higher draw rate with the injector so you will need to make your HW mix a bit hotter to get the same % on the house!

I know Tim :smiley: I just thought I would throw it out there. I’m gonna have to get another 100’ of pressure hose as well…so I’ll 200’ with a 50’ backup.

My head has been spinning the last few days! learning so much.

Just tried out the 8 GPM machine! WOW. Going from a 2.8 GPM to 8, I was not prepared for the kickback! I almost dropped the wand! This thing is going to pay for itself very quickly!

[MENTION=8121]TheGreenGalyen[/MENTION] … Big difference … Did you say Holy Sh!! … LOL

When you have a little spare cash go ahead and order a Zero-Matic unloader from Bob. I bought an 8 GPM machine from Bob last Spring. Within a year I had two 12 GPM guns go bad and the unloader itself went bad in about 7 months of use.
The standard unloader that comes on the Pressure Pro 8 GPM 3,000 PSI machine has a lot of kick when the trigger is pulled. This is rough on the gun, hoses, etc. The Zero-Matic unloader cost about $160.00 but doesn’t have the sudden kick like the stock unloader. The Zero-Matic unloader will diminish wear & tear on the gun, hoses, connections, etc.

You need to have a spare unloader on hand anyway so may as well go ahead and get the good one. That way if your unloader goes bad while on a job (and it will) you have maybe 30 minutes down time as opposed to several days down time while waiting for a new unloader to arrive in the mail.

Luckily I have two machines on my trailer so was still able to finish the job when my unloader went bad on my main machine. If you don’t have a spare machine on your trailer or truck it’s very important to have a spare unloader on hand.

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