Finally got our soft wash control panel done πŸ‘


What you getting on the wall? :joy:

We’re now able to control the mix to +/- 0.0017 ratio.


Who makes that fancy pump panel. Nevermind it’s a eone

haha good on ya Garry! Good laugh :+1:

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That brings back some memories!

That’s a mass produced E One junk panel.


My volunteer Dept had Gruman Firecats with Waterous pumps, unsynced transmissions with split rim bias play tires. First mile out of the station was like driving on wooden blocks. Paid Dept was Pierce. Best equipment by far was Sutphen

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Did you ever go to Sutphen’s garage? I went in β€˜01 and I was made a Sutphen fan for life. Nothing like a true, hand-built fire truck…and some of my best adventures and war stories have a Sutphen at the center. Oh, and I have been riding the back when a Sutphen made a 90 turn at 35 mph and never missed a beat (except the rear end slid around a tad) Best trucks in the fire service, in my opinion, with Pierce as a close second.

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When I first got hired we had a old seagrave with a unsychized trans manual locking dogs. And a hand crank to rotate it. We got all pierce trucks now
But seagrave hands down the nest truck made

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We are all E-Ones and they are junk. Constant problems with all of them.