Finally finished

Just finished my set-up. All I have left to do is install my RO system for windows and solar


That’s so cool! My enclosed trailer gets started later this week, I’m thinking about elevating my hose reel as well.

Thanks. I really like the reel being elevated. Because I have a smaller cargo van, I need to conserve space. Over all, I very pleased with how everything came out. I look forward to the day when I can purchase a larger van

Is this one of the smaller Transit Connect vans or the regular Transit van?

Smaller. Ram promaster city

How did you attach it to the ceiling? Is it just bolted to that piece of plywood there?

Yes. I used rivet nuts to hang plye wood and I secured the reel with 8 screws ( two each corner)

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I feel like a reel with hose may be a lot of weight to be fastened into wood. I would have build a small mounting plate with steel. Think about all the bumps an vibrations going down the road

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I feel like you’re spot on.

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I haven’t had any problems with the weight. I have driven on many bad roads, speed bump and the like without issues. I appreciate the suggestion though👍

Sounds good. Just keep your eye on it.

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