Final say on direct drive+ buffer tanks

Alright, so currently our setup does not feed off a buffer tank due to the fact that we have been running direct drive for the last 2 years and have had an issue with gravity feeding them in the past. As we are looking to run a different setup next year, what is the rule of thumb with direct drive machines and buffer tanks? I have been told that it can be done as long as they are gravity fed but we are working out of a cargo van setup and have a space issue. We do have a 275 gal tote sitting around but was considering customizing (2) 55 gallon drums to save on space. Will the 55 gal drums provide enough pressure to feed the machines? I dont wanna starve any pumps

Maybe you can share some more information about the problems you’re having. Have you checked your current water supply setup to see what the flow rate of water is at the outlet? I have been running a direct drive pumps off buffer tanks for years without problems. Post up some pics of your setup and describe what is happening. You can run a DD pump off any size tank if everything is set up properly. Make a video or post some pics. More info is needed.

I believe our issue is we havent elevated our buffer tank enough honestly… Any pics of your setup?

I posted an almost 4 minute video of my setup in another thread.

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will go look! thanks!

Hi I am new to this site, how would I find this thread the video is on?

Some guy’s get them to work, I always had issues… Gavity fed likes weight, you need to keep that tank full to maintane proper pressure and water flow. I grew tired of it and I went gear drive… So far it’s been perfect! No issues

This might be the one but check the Videos category.