Figuring out a fair offer on a used machine, and should I?


Very local listing for lightly used 1 year old belt driven 4000/4gpm machine. I have two 4200/4 machines at the moment but both are direct drive. The seller doesn’t have a receipt but it is the standard gx390 engine abs he said he purchased from Home Depot last May.

He told me to make an offer. I’d love to have the belt drive to pull from my buffer tank but already have two machines. I’m going for an 8gpm machine in the coming months.

If I can snag it for under 500 does it make sense!


If it’s the dewalt, pay him 70% of what the engine is worth new. The pump is junk. Not worth anything. Get two or three jobs out of it and scrap the pump.

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Here is the machine


Home Depot sells belt drives?

What is the pump on your current 4/4200? My Cat pump pulls water from my tank.


It’s a Cat direct drive. Mine is Simpson, from home depot.


Your Cat will draw water. Just make sure the tank is full and considerably above the pump inlet.


Yeah it’s been fine for over a year. When my tank is full the outlet pushes out over 5.5gpm.


Offer him $450 for it. That’s a nice little machine.

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If you didn’t have 2already, id say make offer and see what happens. But to u have 2 already. Get the 8gpm as this will just prolong not getting the upgrade


Yeah. The one is in the shop because it lost pressure and was surging so I only have the other one right now. Seems like 3 machines would be the safest best. How many backups do you have?

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I have 5. But no 8gpm. It can become addictive.


Holy crap 5 machines?


That’s what I was thinking too.


That belt drive would make a nice backup for when you get the 8. And then take one of your others and put a 5.5 gear drive pump on it. For less than $1k for the two of them you’d be set until you get the 8.


yeah, a 5.5-3500, a 5.5-3000 a 4-4, a 2.4-3600, and lastly i was told 5 6-3500(but I suspect now maybe a 4-3500.) And 3 hot setups, but 2 need some components.


Or get the 8 and have better chances at higher$$, and then buy another 8, Lol.


Nice to see people active so late on here btw!


off to bed now, lol

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