Fiberglass roof cleaning

I have a customer inquiring about cleaning a fiberglass roof. I didn’t know that was a thing. Does anyone have experience with this?

Do you have any pictures.
Most of the fiberglass roofs I’ve seen are the cheap translucent green or white corrugated style.

I have not been on site. Just got the email. Google street picture is hard to see it but doesn’t look like the roof you’re talking about. I think you’re talking about that curogated junk they put on sheds and stuff?

Here is the street view.

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Yeah I’m talking about the junk. That looks more like a slate roof. Let us know if you go out to look and do a test spot.

I’ll keep the thread updated. Hopefully she is mistaken. I can’t see fiberglass being a good roofing material.

Ive seen it on wood sheds and some barns its gets really dirty too. I couldn’t see a house with a fiberglass roof though. Not ideal.

I just wonder if she is talking about fiberglass asphalt shingles though. Most people would really know the difference from them and organic ones.

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Actually i work at a company that makes mostly fiberglass material. 70% of what we make is all roofing products. Fiberglass is tough stuff, doesn’t absorb water, fire resistant, last along time. Pretty ideal with rubber and asphalt combined.


I think there are fiberglass shingles. The fiberglass is just the base of the shingle but the top is still asphalt. The base of most shingles are basically an organic mat like paper/wood.

She probably thinks she has fiberglass shingles which, she does, but not much different than asphalt. At least when it comes to us cleaning them.


I was referencing that currgagated stuff you see on sheds.

That would be ideal.

Ya thats the only tyoe of roofing that comes to mind if someone says fiberglass roof

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