Fiberglass Repair

So I figured someone on here might know, But we had a really bad fire season here in Socal this year and the fire caught up to us this year, Unfortunately my horse trailer suffered some damage, I em about 80% done with the restoration- mainly all cosmetic…

The manufacturer is no longer in business so the cosmetic parts have been difficult to source…

Anyway, The last piece of the puzzle I will repair my self, Never repaired fiberglass… So it’s all new to me…

Pics below

How do I go about repairing it? Bondo? And sand to a smooth finish then paint?

Any tip helps

PS: Luckly the only loss we had was material, All animals where safely evacuated


@Chesebro that my friend is beyond repair. Spray a release agent on the inside of that piece and use it as a mould to replicate part. Remember to thoroughly sand the inside bit to a smooth finish filling in any pinholes, as the inner will become the outer when you pop it out of the mould. If you use the inner as a mould be mindful that it will be 2-3mm smaller and vice versa if your using outside it will be 2-3mm bigger.

I don’t see why you couldn’t just trim all the fiberglass sticking up, then put a layer of fiberglass cloth soaked in resin over it. Probably would put resin on the outside first too to get the fibers to lay down. Sand and paint once dry. About the same way you’d repair a fiberglass boat, just not as many layers of cloth and resin.

@BigJake it’s essentially the same amount of work minus popping the new part out of the old mould witch takes all of 15 seconds, you get a way better quality part instead of polishing a turd and still having a turd.

Never pulled a mold myself, just messed with the mat and cloth for little better than body filler repair on an old truck. Works great for temporarily patching floorboards in old cars though when you can’t cut em out and weld in a patch. I’d be tempted to just bend a piece of sheet metal to make that panel he’s replacing, depending on where it’s going.


@BigJake sheetmetal is also a great idea. Heck even a small electrical box with a hatch would work.