Fence lichens!

Can’t say as I’ve seen lichens this bad in a modern residential neighborhood. I told my customer I would check with you guys, any advice getting at least some of this off would be appreciated.

I see that all the time by me.

I just tell them I know a great vinyl fence guy…

She’s selling the house, any way to make an improvement at least?

70/30 mix with a 12v and then light pressure will help.

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Might be worth it just for the before and after pictures!

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Too bad I don’t have a 12v though. Just an M5.

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You can downstream straight 12.5 then light pressure too.

Wont be perfect, but will brighten it up.

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Everyday here too.

Hot mix needed. Pump spray then follow with a house wash. They come up nice.

Be careful for rotten wood, the neighbors property and grass damage.

Also, it will likely run through to the other side…

Should I notify the neighbor of my intentions first?

It only takes ONE drip to go over the top and it will bleach a clean line down the other side. It will also seep through the vertical gaps.

Maybe you could ask them if they want it doing at the same time for cheap? (Knowing there’s no real way to do one side only)

It should be their fence. Usually whoever pays for it gets the ugly side(side with braces and posts exposed). So it shouldn’t be the neighbors decision. Would be nice to tell them but it should also be set 3 foot off the property line. Giving you room to work.

Here in jersey the ugly side goes towards your property. Pretty sure that is standard.

Use a pump up sprayer of 50/50. Then around 6-800 psi fan tip will remove most of that. Plan to get messy that day.


Mean green and a couple of squeezes of dawn should do it. Rinse with surface cleaner then dry it with a backpack blower.


The surface cleaner works good for windows too.

Then drying right after with a hair dryer is preferred.


Noooo you need a pure water system in order to use surface cleaner on windows it will leave spots. If you dont have one you can fill your buffer with bottles of smart waters or vos.

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Fake news.


I tried it on my own fence today, results are terrible.

Xjet open with 10%, rinse. No change.

10% pump up sprayer, rinse. Results are less than ideal.

That’s now one ugly fence. Looked better with the lichen. If you lived close to me I’d come clean it for you just so you wouldn’t have to look at, lol. You own a pressure washer don’t you?


No it’s my fence, haven’t started on hers yet. I just wanted to practice first.