With the weather turn warm and humid I feel it’s important to bring up the topic of foot care.

We often take our feet for granted,but I promise you a severe case of athletes foot or open sores from feet being trapped in rubber boots and wet socks is no fun and extremely painful.I’m currently entering what I call the “jungle funk” stage of my wash year as far as my feet are concerned.
As a diabetic the deck is stacked against me and while I know I will have splits and cracks in my feet and athletes foot there are a few things I recommend to help other prevent dealing with the problems.

1.Dry your feet between jobs keep a pair of crocs or flip flops handy to wear while driving.
2.Have dry socks on hand.
3.Do not wear wet sock or shoes all day.A damp environment gives the various fungi that cause athletes foot a breeding ground to thrive.
4.If you do get a case of “jungle funk” invest in an OTC creme to keep the problem from getting worse.
5.Keep your feet clean and dry and allow them to breath at the end of the day.
6.I have heard the washing your feet in bleach will help keep athletes foot in check,but I’m not volunteering to try it.

As I type this I can’t begin to tell you how bad my toes are itching and how painful the splits on the bottom of my left foot are.Take care of your dogs and they will take care of you.

Great advice, Scott.

I also suggest a good pair of waterproof boots. For flat work I wear Muck boots, they offer a lot of support while walking on concrete for hours at a time. For general washing, like houses, I been wearing some Keen boots, I can’t believe how much they have help my feet, as opposed to sneakers.

Keeping an extra pair of socks is a must. Even if your shoes are waterproof, your feet can sweat inside the shoe.

All good points

Excellent points Scott. Your making my feet itch just reading what you wrote.
When I use to power wash alot I always wore water proof Redwing work boots. They were a little pricey but they worked the best where my feet would remain dry the most. I use to also spray these boots to help keep them protected from the elements.

Thanks for the tips. when I wash I wear a pair of rubber boots, the type you would wear on a fishing boat. You can find them at Home Depo in the cement section. they work pretty good but offer very little comfort. I am also a Fireman so I have an old pair of rubber firefighting boots. I stopped wearing those because they were very heavy and I got tired of hearing “where’s the fire”? Stay dry guys & make $$$$$$$$