Fees for working weekends


Do any of you charge fees or have different rates for weekend or night work? I’ve had several commercial customers(& potential customers) ask me if we do which leads me to believe some do or they would be willing to pay them. Had a few residential ask me as well. Working 6-7 days a week is starting to get old. I could always pass on the work, but

I’m thinking long term. I don’t want to put off good customers that will support my business a year or two from now when it’s not me still doing the work.

Are fees common? If so, what’s the structuring? I’m thinking +10%


I don’t do weekends, but I do some drive-thru lanes in the dark…early morning hrs…my fee is the same.

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At one time I charged a 35% premium for emergency/weekend work. Now, I just make sure it’s “worth it” to me. I know, not terribly helpful, lol.

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Any business that has employees would have a greater payroll for weekend work (well here at least).

When I was an employee I was payed time and a half for a Saturday and double time for a Sunday.

These jobs that were done on weekends were only able to be done out of business hours for what ever reason, I am pretty sure that the price for the customer would have been higher than if the job was scheduled for a weekday. As a sole operator I do not mind working the occasional weekend if it is the only time the job can be performed.

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I work most every Saturday but rarely a Sunday (like 2 Sundays a year rare) but charge my normal rates for Mon-Sat work.

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@Harold when I’m working overnight I generally just add in a bit extra for labor but I don’t itemized my bills… but I also pass that on to whoever is working with me…that way next time I ask who wants to work an overnight with me they are chomping at the bit to do it!..and I work weekends usually from 4am to 9am…but that’s when the Resturants are closed…and it’s nice and quiet and no traffic lol

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Weather here is very sporadic, so when we have a cancellation, we typically make up for it on a weekend. Not ideal but necessary.

Keep in mind, I do window cleaning most if the time.


I charge 1.5X for anything that HAS to be scheduled after 5 P.M. and anything commercial on a Saturday. I have only worked one Sunday job. It was for a Chevy dealership that was about to loose it’s GM certification if they didn’t come into compliance. It paid well, I made a little over $400 an hour for that one.
I need more of those, a lot more of those.


We run 7 days a week April 1st through end of July or so. After that, the schedule allows 5 days a week. There is no way we could not work weekends during busy season, and there is no way in hell I would charge extra for that.

We are in a business were the season is fast and furious, just like the scheduling.

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I also try and only work one half day per weekend. I don’t offer it to residential customers; just commercial projects that need to be completed in the off hours.

I don’t have the mental or physical stamina to work 7 days a week.


Same here, no desire to waste my life chasing money. Days off to me are a far more valuable currency.


I have to work weekends as well,all year long. 85 % of our customers roll in Friday night and leave Sunday evening. We don’t charge extra. Is what it is, kinda thing. Leaves most of the week open though :wink: ,except for a couple of night jobs during the week… I kinda dig it,once I got used to it