Feedback on this?

Has anyone ever used every door direct mail from usps as advertising their services? if so, any feedback?

Try searching “eddm”. Came up with about 50 threads and individuals who have tried it.

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thank you, sorry newbie here trying to learn everything before i dive in

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No worries…hope you were able to find your answers.

I’m about to. We’re working own postcards now. You can expect about a 1% call back on average. Out of that 1% statistically speaking you should close about half of those contacted. So if you send out 5000 you should get 25calls which should bring about 12 jobs. However, different markets have different results. I did fairly well with it about 10 years ago so I’m trying it again. It also helps with branding your business. I just got my truck lettered so when people get their postcard in the mail and then see my truck on the road it helps with name recognition. I’m having 10000 made but only sending out about 3000 for now. Some I will take a whole punch and a rubber band and make door hangers out of. It’s all about name recognition. Just my two cents


If your on a limited budget I wouldn’t waste $$ on direct mail.

$1000 on well designed Facebook ads will have a higher ROI then direct mail.

My opinion on direct mail is your better off targeting 2-3 nice subdivisions that you want to dominate then just sending out to the entire route. Doing this you’ll have to pay regular postage but your ROI will be a lot better.

Sending direct mail to the same 600 houses every two weeks for two months will be $1200 = 4 house washes.

Facebook ads targeting those neighborhoods
Door hangers in those neighborhoods
Direct mail in those neighborhoods

And you will dominate

Good luck!!

With EDDM you can select routes not whole zip codes. Most higher end neighborhoods you can’t do door hangers. If I’m not mistaken the qualifier is you have to do a minimum of 200. At .16 per card it’s not bad. I’m sending to only the streets I want.

Yes, not entire zip code but the entire route.

90% of the houses on the routes in my area are a waste to send post cards to.

Or use SendJim and be really selective and have a lot higher ROI

I’m not familiar with send Jim but I will look into it thanks for the advice. I’ve heard of it and I’m definitely curious

I started using SendJim recently and blasted a neighborhood I’ve washed two houses in. On one side of the street on 4 blocks there was 147 houses with the vinyl side facing north. The other side the north sides were brick. I was able to target only the vinyl north homes and didn’t get a single call.

It was my first attempt at doing any kind of mailer and so far, not too excited about it. I would’ve gotten at least one call with 5 arounds.

I’m going to try the same houses again with a different template and see if it works out. So far I’m $130 down on the first mailer though and if I don’t get at least one house on the next round I’m down basically a house wash.

My point is… even targeted mailers may not be much better than eddm blasts, but that’s only one sample and a small one. With EDDM you’re going to get some houses that you don’t want and you have to send 1000’s if I’m not mistaken.

Im gonna need to figure that out… i tried FB ads this year and was pleased with getting a few jobs out of it. Couldnt figure out all the stuff like specific areas

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I took a paid course on FB ads and couldn’t get any return out of it. Literally none. I was missing the wrong check box or something. I went $500 deep before I backed out.

I do 90% of my work within 2 zip codes… if i could focus on and select nieghborhoods that would be golden if figure it out. Add some other tactics and could be good combo maybe

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It depends on the population of the neighborhood .

The sample size has to be large enough…When doing targeted ads through geographical locations you have an audience of 14 thousand I believe. Most neighborhoods I target I put the pin drop on them and usually takes a 4-5 mile radius to meet the minimum audience size.

Whenever we get slow, August -September I rely on Facebook ads and have had a great ROI. Spend $400 on a 5 day add and usually book 6-10 jobs just from the ad.

Key to Facebook ad is a good Before and after of green nasty siding. A quick one sentence of relating their emotions to your service.

“Feel proud of your homes curb appeal” has worked best for us.

They don’t care you have insurance and soft wash blaw blaw

Ad should Redirect to your webpage to a contact form they can fill out to get a quote. ( this is key). Most of our ads I run Thursday-Sunday. Most of the emails come in late at night. chances of them taking a phone number off your add and calling you Monday is slim to none.


Bookmarked… thank ya for insight

EDDM can be incredibly effective.
EDDM can also be an incredible waste of time and money.

Very hard to generalize if it is a ‘good’ marketing tool because it’s just that…a tool. The effectiveness of any tool depends on how it’s used. I have a nice chainsaw. I’m good at taking down trees. Some other guy, however could take my saw and carve an exact replica of Taylor Swift’s cleavage out of a block of ice. Same tool. Different skills.

My company mails anywhere from half a million to a million EDDM pieces a month, so I’ve seen a LOT of data regarding this marketing technique. The biggest mistake I think, from what I’ve gleaned over the years, is that people who fail at EDDM use it to target houses, and people who succeed use it to target customers.