Favorite stain for IPE

Title says it all. Which do you prefer?

For years we used Superdeck stain because the stains we did use (all oil based) hardly penetrated mahogany and especially IPE(probably the hardest/densest wood on the planet. No matter what you put down on IPE you’ll be lucky if it last a full year.

We used Armstrong Clark Stain(about 20 gallons this year) on some jobs but none of them consisted of IPE. Jake Clark told me at the Albany event that his stain works probably better then most stains on IPE. As luck would have it I just checked it out now on my PC and this link concurs as to what Jake said IPE Stain Review | Best Deck Stain Reviews Ratings

To Top it off I believe Armstrong Clark is a vendor for the PWRA which mean you get a discount if you order thru your PWRA membership. How great is that:cool:

There is a special stain for IPE. Check out the Pro Sealer Store. I don’t know if any ole stain work. It’s a very dense wood & getting the stain to soak in may be an issue.

John Devine. allwashedupny.com