Favorite Cleaners?


Just a post for fun.
Ill admit thus far I’ve only been using Zep products so far. I’m new to the business and at the moment I just a weekend warrior. I drive truck full time for 20 years and at 40 I’ve had enough of that. So I got a Simpson MegaShot 3,200 psi 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer.
Couple wands
Extra gun
Surface cleaner
Zeps cleaners
The idea was to see of I liked doing it and I do.
And to see if I could get jobs.
I got to tell you after working with numerous customers over the last 20 years Ive got pretty good customer service skills.
I have been able to keep busy every weemend since starting with small driveway jobs. 2 houses a boat blah blah blah.
Anyways my wife works at a small personal care home and I’m about to do it and I’m not going to charge them a lot. I’m doing it for the experience and they are good to my wife.
One level like a ranch house.
One side vinyl 2 sides brick lots of sidewalk 3 small cement patios 2 small wood decks.

I figured maybe now is the time to start thinking about what works best as far as cleaners go.
I know everyone will have a different opinion and that’s what is great. More opinions equal more learning for folks like me.
Don’t tell me to hit the search button as I have been ghost reading and researching here for months. Its a great community and there is a TON of info here I know that.
This post is for fun to see what each guy thinks.

So here goes…

What are your Favorite go to cleaners for
Vinyl siding?
Metal siding?
Painted siding?
Any other materials you’d like to give you 2 cents?

Again have fun with this and don’t attack others for their opinions

My plans are to learn research learn research learn research and I plan to build a rig next spring. Still not going crazy but looking to invest 7000-10000 and really make a go at it.
I got a pretty cake driving gig and I can keep it as long as needed. I work Mon morning til Thurs at 3p and I’m done so I can work Thursday afternoon to Sunday night washing. I plan to do that for the first year to get myself up and running. I understand Ill have to turn down certain jobs due to hours but that’s fine for me for first year. After next year depending on how it goes I plan to be done with driving truck by 2020.
So I’m taking my time. Learning everything I can learn then making a business plan from there.


12.5%SH and Elemonator for all of it. I don’t wash wood.


For wood I use sodium hypochlorite and Power Solve ( made by Hydro Chem). Use roof sprayer to apply a 3% mix on wood. Rinse 800 psi, downstream a citric acid (made by hydro chem)

The power solve makes stuff comes off the deck super easy. Citric acid is super easy, not dangerous.


Do you have a link for the Power Solve?


I got a quote from Hydro Chem the other day for a 5 gallon bucket of the Power Solve and it was $46.19 and then $55 for shipping to Houston.


Ahh shipping is expensive. I live by there shop so I don’t pay shipping