Favorite Brush

I know alot of guys don’t use brushes. I do normaly on must housewashes but really only for the gutters. I use a standard blue soft unger brush or the amazon knock off equivalent. It works but I feel like I could do better. I’m looking for a mop head style brush that goes on a standard pole. Almost like a buffer pad that fits over your hand…but more moppy…and on a brush head… lol. Post up what you love and if you know of a mop head let me know!

What kind of stuff are you dealing with where you have to brush gutters? I have NEVER brushed a gutter and don’t want to start anytime soon :joy:

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Dirt :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Me either but people specifically ask for it constantly. I blame the clown with the 7 step process that’s been around 20 years… and all the cronies that copy him.

I use a soft window brush. Makes a big difference and gives me something to do during the dwell time. Doesn’t take long at all. That being said, it’s not necessary to do on all houses

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Also now that keith doesnt have to run back and forth to the truck every 5 minutes it gives him something to do :+1:

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That’s pretty much what I use as well, accept it’s got blue bristles

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I mean housewash mix downstreamed always cleans them up for me. That’s just not the life I want to live lol. I like easy money. Show up. Wash house. Collect money. Leave


It’s hugs the whole gutter which is nice. I’ve yet to need a stiff brush

I’m with you! Unfortunately no one else around here is. I was alot of neglected homes too. I’m sure that’s not helping. Hw mix doesnt even put a dent in alot of the black crap on white gutters out my way.

Doesn’t always do it for me. Kinda just got into the habit of doing it and it makes a noticeable difference

See what I gotta deal with…

Here’s another gem from his site!

Are these upsells or all included in the $151?? You might want to give him a call to wash your house :joy:

I heard the other day from another washer he quoted a super small basic ranch at 400 bucks… something we would do for 175-200 in about 20 min. So I think the 151 is bs… or maybe that’s what it costs to have you roof cleaned…with surface cleaner…

Lol…makes me think he uses high pressure to wash houses

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I know he uses tarps to smother plants when it 95 degrees

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Well if the gutter is super dirty and hw mix doesn’t do the trick I use my high rinse zero nozzle. Some may shame me and say that’s not how you do it. But I’ve washed hundreds of gutters and never damaged one. Just have to be mindful of shingles and angles.


Pressure shaming, I like it!


Shame away! image