Fatboy or soft wash in a box

which of these whould yall recomend im trying to decide on one eiter from pressure tek or power wash.com are they about the same i want a portable kit i think dont know yet any advice thanks

Which would best suite your needs? Are you using it for strictly roofs or house washes also?

John Devine. allwashedupny.com

We have the system from Bob at Pressure Tek, I could see it as a portable unit I guess.

i just dont want it stuck on my trailer sometimes we cant get the trailer close to the job the streets in new orleans are narrow when we cant park in front of the job sometimes we have to park a few houses down

The soft wash in a box seems like it would be pretty easy to carry. Both systems will work but one may be a little easier to move around.

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I would buy a bandit and put it on a rolling skid of some sort. I will never buy anything else for roofs.

You’ll still need to get your soap tank there so portability may not be your best criteria. I do business with Bob at Pressure Tek, that’s my preference. I had one of the first roller pump Bandits he built way back when, made lots of $ with it!

Does the length of hose hinder the pumps performance

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Yes, but you can run 200’ with no problems and more, depending on the pump.

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soft wash in a box for me plus I like the design and more importantly the price better than fatboy.

BANDIT with wheels… Now thats do able…