Fatboy Bandit System vs Build you own

I see the Pressure Tek Fatboy system for a little under $2k and wondered if it makes sense to build my own for less money. I appreciate the value of a ready to go kit but the price does seem steep for the kit.

What is your thought on this kit vs DIY kit?


the parts list to build one is so much cheaper. I bought an aluminum box on amazon 99$, 189 for a notherntool 7gpm, 225$ for 1/2 flexilla hybrid air hose from amazon, and 90$ for a battery from Walmart. And I bought a COx reel for $189, but regret that decision. Couple hours labor time and I can shoot 40ft from a ladder and stay off most roofs.

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We are on the same page then. I know the hose reel and hose may be Gucci on the Bandit kit but I feel I can build a system with tanks and a battery for a lot less.

I also built a proportioner from the parts list that can be found here for $130. I bought a 65 gallon tank off FB marketplace for $100, and 55$ for a 26 gallon tank for bleach. I wanted to build it myself so I could know the ins and outs of the system.

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Good to hear, thanks. How does aluminum hold up to the chems used? I thought I heard it will deteriorate quickly…obviously not from rust but perhaps from serious etching.

Do it your self yeah it’s time consuming getting all the parts and connections but it will be cheaper in the end. Get a reel with stainless steel manifold for your soft wash so you don’t deal without rust.

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P.s. a heat gun is your friend for all tubing


They’re pretty easy to build your own. I also purchased the box off Amazon. I’ll try and post some pictures later on. I have both a 7 gpm and 5.5 gpm pump. I prefer the Northern Tool 5.5. The 7 can just be too much at times. I need to try and turn the psi down some. Make sure you get a plastic battery box for your battery. SH might corrode aluminum a little but acid will dissolve it.