Fat boy VS Delavan power flo FB2

Hi, Billy here
First post. I’ll formally introduce myself later…Right now
I’m looking at one of these two pumps…The fat boy seems
like the go to pump for a lot of you guys (and girls?) I’m looking
at the pressure set though, and it appears that the Delavan (w/100 psi
shutoff switch)would develop more head pressure and in turn give
me more height from the nozzle (with similar set ups of course…)
Has anyone ever used the Delavan, or am I actually looking at
pretty much the same pumps?

Thanks in advance, and look forward
to chatting with you guys

I would call Bob at Pressure Tek. He knows those pumps inside and out. I can tell you that we run our original fatboys at a higher pressure with no problems. We use an accumulator with 300’ of 1/2 inch poly braid hose and have to turn up the pressure adjustment for it to run correctly. One full turn of the screw is approx 10 psi if I’m remembering correctly. Love this setup. Lots of distance,flow and very reliable.

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Delavan fat boy pumps will do the job. FloJet Pentaflex Pump, 12 Volt, Viton are more consistent in quality. Best price I found for them was $349.50 from Dultmeier.com (part # FJR7300132A ) The only problem with these pumps is that they are intermittent duty and only good for small jobs. You can not use a small nozzle as it will burn out the pressure switch.

Most of my jobs are 5K sq ft tile roofs that take over 4 hours to clean. I switched to the AFKN10E All-Flo 1" Air Diaphragm Pump 40GPM. My 12 volt pumps are now used for transfer pumps between 55 gal drums of roof cleaning solution and the holding tanks on my trailer.