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Hello everyone,

I’m in what to me feels like a fairly unique situation / opportunity. I’m a new player on the West coast when it comes to pressure / softwashing, and I may have the opportunity to bid for a fairly large number of Taco Bells in the area.

I’m overall fairly new to the industry, and this would be the first bid in the commercial sector. I’m lucky enough to rub shoulders with some big players in the fast food industry as my day job is working in private aviation. I’m hoping to transition full-time to my washing business, and it’s looking like this may happen sooner than later.

I guess my biggest question is, what should I be charging / quoting for concrete cleaning and soft washing of the buildings? Almost all of the properties will have concrete sidewalks, and concrete drive throughs with the parking lots being blacktop. While every restaurant is somewhat different, most of these properties are cookie cutter locations. I’m hoping to land concrete pressure washing and softwashing the buildings.

If I’m able to land a contract schedule for these properties, and lets say I wash each location every quarter, how much of a discount should I provide? I’m planning to try and bundle window washing to make myself more marketable so their cleaning needs will all be done within my business.

Aside from all of this, does anyone have any suggestions? Input?

I appreciate your time, and thank you for your consideration.


Geeee, charge what makea u miney and happy.
That will ensure, hopefully, a good result

Whatever you bid is, half it and that’s what they’ll pay. At least by me, fast food restaurants find the absolute cheapest bid and go with that, regardless of how you sell yourself.


Im kind of inclined to charge 400$ for concrete and 60$ if it includes a building wash.

I drive a prius and have a pretty small overall setup… Its about as lean and mean as you get will still having a softwash system.

Does that pricing seem half decent to you? In the eyes of a fast food restaurant at least.

I gotta see the Prius pulling a hot water rig and reclaim system. California is not far from banning small engines under 25hp. I don’t think you’re in a state to start a business cleaning fast food joints. Most companies do them as payroll makers, not money makers

W/o hot water you’re wasting your time. If you have, let us know. I’d like to see Prius setup myself. A Taco Bell has very little concrete, at least the ones around here. Forget the building wash, they maybe need every 2-3 years. The concrete I’d be at around $200-250 around here.

We’re not getting the keys out of the box or rolling up the o/h door for $200-250…if they have 3 on the same corner, maybe, but then I’d question if they’re going to be in business long enough to pay me. lol

IBS & Racer have forgotten more than any of us will ever know, so they won’t steer you wrong. You need to know what you’re willing to do it for/need to make money, and see if you can sell work for that…if not, maybe you can make it up in volume :roll_eyes:


The minimum equipment you’re going to need to do those effectively, you’re not going to be able to use your Prius

Ok no, that won’t work. 23 years ago when I was doing the window cleaning for a guy that had Taco Bell contracts his partner had a hot water unit for the concrete. I don’t think we got paid much.

I don’t think it’s changed much since then :rofl:

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I appreciate everyone’s input. Something I’d like to mention is that this is still very early on in my career of pressure washing. I’m operating with a 5x8 trailer and I’ve been paying very close attention to my weight ratings with the trailer and the car.

This is by no means my dream setup, but I have to start somewhere. I’m really hoping to get a steady flow of work that will allow me to part from my normal 9-5 job. I’ve been quite unhappy working for a major corporation, and honestly I’m willing to work harder than someone that has better equipment, and is more experienced. I’m aware that not having a hot pressure washer will effect my work flow and the finished product, and is something I hope to be able to get in my next build.

Anyways, I appreciate everyone’s input, I genuinely do. I’ve been lurking over the last several days and soaking in all your responses. I should be meeting with the owner in the next couple weeks and when I do, I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

How much weight can the Prius pull? A small 5.5gpm vertical HW skid, 100 gal vertical tank and a couple of reels, small soap tank, would fit on a trailer that size and would be perfect for doing those small commercial jobs. But all the above would weigh probably 1200-1300 lbs, plus weight of trailer itself.

Prius isn’t designed to pull anything, it’s a dainty hybrid.

The Prius has a towing capacity around 1600 lbs. Not great, but honestly not that bad either.

I have two 35 gallon tanks and I’ll be adding a 5 or 10 gallon tank for soaps soon. One tank is for water and is always empty while driving and the other is my SH tank. I typically do not have it completely full as it is close to the max of my cars limit.

On a side note, what is a good solution for water reclamation? I’ve seen some people suggesting booms near the drain and using a bilge pump to pump water into a tank, or some people suggested pumping into grassy or dirt areas.

Obviously with my current setup, there is no way to haul the waste water out.

I’m in Oregon, and if I understand the regs correctly either option should suffice.

I have been doing strictly residential cleanings, and to be honest, water reclamation has been the last thing on my mind until recently.

I would like to do things the right way, and not skip steps.

That probably outweighs the Prius…

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If you trade the prius for a pickup truck you will not regret it. You know you will at some point anyway, why not now.

…and… the battery for the truck is cheaper to replace/easier to get to then the Prius’!

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My wife’s friend has a Prius. She uses it to go shopping at Michael’s for scrapbooking items and scented candles.

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You’re doing it wrong…

You definitely want to upgrade to a Ford lightning. Lol actually you could trade the prius in for a tacoma. Certainly helps keeping chem in the truck bed and not the trunk