Fallout thread and lots of help thanks guys


Very true. I’m usually all for getting the straight chemical components instead of overpriced, diluted mixes.

But from what I’ve read about OneRestore, they’ve done a lot more than just dilute hydrochloric and add some soap. Apparently, there are buffering agents they’ve added to make it safer to use on a variety of surfaces, that hydrochloric by itself (even at the same dilutions) would not be safe on.

@CaCO3Girl might be able to enlighten us on the topic.


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Thanks for the call out. So, the thing with Hydrochloric acid is that there is a company that has a patent on making it into an almost safe urea hydrochloride, or as they say “an organic salt”. It is encapsulated hydrochloric acid that doesn’t fume and has the acid characteristics of HCl, but not as harmful.

Us chemists have ways of hiding information on the SDS’s but most of us can interpret what the others have done…if they are truthful on the SDS, which they should be by law. I’d like to point out that we only have to list dangerous things at greater than 1%, unless it’s a carcinogen in which case it’s 0.1%. My point is that you can have HCl in a formula and not list it if it’s at 0.9999%…you can include a whole lot of dangerous stuff at 0.9999%.

Interesting loophole huh?


So what’s your take on OneRestore?



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That it’s likely to be the urea hydrochloride, as I said above.


I tried One Restore years ago & it wouldn’t touch secondary efflo & dilute Hydrochloric melted it off


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Urea Hydrochloride is “safer” than straight up JCL, even the diluted HCl.

It can actually ship in small containers as non-hazmat, so that is a big bonus.


Hey man, good video, don’t give up. It can be frustrating in the beginning testing mixes and what works for you. Continue asking for help and righting down the mixes you currently use and adjust accordingly.

I have been in the same boat as you, money tied up, misuse or weak mixture of chemicals. It happens. Just learn from it and don’t give up.


Here’s a recent fallout restoration I did. This one required a bit of brushing after I xjetted on the OneRestore full strength. So OneRestore is not a sure-fire spray and rinse solution for fallout.


Well put sir. Very well put. Much respect :fist:t5:!