Fallout and Oxidation

Hey all,

When you come across a house with fallout on lets say just one portion of the siding. Do you degrease and brush the entire side or just the areas with fallout. I have a home I may be removing fallout from, I just don’t want to brush off the siding oxidation and leave them with a slightly different color siding where I degreased. Im sure I could degrease, then rinse then hit it with cleansol…but im not looking to charge them that much because the home isnt that dirty.

Quote for all of it, drink coffee, make their house look new, take before and after pics.

Sounds like you’d be doing two services, therefore I’d bill accordingly. Neither of the services you’d be providing are “standard” house washes. Explain to customer that you can offer the first service and do exactly as they’ve asked you to do, but that they may want to consider the second service.

Ultimately, it’s your business and you can price this however you see best, but don’t be afraid to charge for your time and expertise.

I’ve run across fallout on older houses near industrial centers. I typically use a stiff brush and diluted degreaser on the bad parts toward the peaks, but make it clear that I can only get so much.

@PPWofLexSC This one isn’t one I’m trying to get the most out of, its a friend I’m returning a favor for. I’m looking for tips on the actual procedure of removing fallout with oxidation (if there is a way).

@dcbrock Do you notice a spot where oxidation is removed, or does it blend in well?