Facebook posts

Anyone else have problems when posting a fb ad to a group and getting other pressure washing companies trying to low ball everyone ?

Ive posted like 3 times this week and everytime i get people saying they will do it less then me and im not even posting prices just saying hey ofeering pressure washing call me lol

If you advertise on Facebook , you’ll get Facebook customers. No one wants that.

All of that is about getting your name out there, not so much about getting individual jobs from your post. Unless you want to get work because you’re cheaper, go for it…but almost no one ever made a long term success on that strategy (unless they had some competetive advantage, which never lasts). Do your thing, and don’t worry about everyone else.

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Im just using everything i can honestly wether it be signs cards Facebook posts or paid ads next door etc etc

Just make sure you’re tracking ROI on each of them, so you know what to keep doing…

Its all kinda even across the board so far i havent really found a better way to do marketing i kinda suck at it

Yeah, that’s annoying. If it’s your post, you should be able to hide their reply.

My fb is flooded with pw ads right now. I see it and think “good for them trying to make a go of it.” Must be at least 6-8 new companies just in my county. Though one of the ads showed a vid of a guy turboing a whole driveway. I’m guessing he doesn’t have a surface cleaner.

At the same time I get a call from a guy and he tells me “yeah, the guy last year isn’t doing it anymore”.

Ironically I was doing five arounds earlier this week after a job and one house had a notecard stuck on the door that said something like “we can wash your house for x”. What are the chances. Lol. (Yes, I left the card alone. Lol)

What are your ROI #s? I’m sure they’re not even…if you want to do it, you should be tracking $$ of work by source, it’s easy enough to do if you’re keeping track of your jobs at all. You divide the revenue generated by the dollars spent, and you put your first advertising dollars into those places with the best return, and only spend on the crappy ones when you have the dollars left (or more likely not at all).