Facebook likes

anyone wanna like each others pages?

I’ll like back!
I’ve done this once before, and it had some issues with likes not registering so please like from both personal page and from business page, as I will be doing the same.

Post your links here after you like!

Got you with both.


I will do the same for anyone else who posts here and likes my page.

got you back mike!

I “Liked” all of the above pages from my personal page(Henry Timmermann) and on my business page(Redirecting...).


Got ya all…

Hank I think I got you the 1st time I did this on another forum bc it said I already “liked” you

Got you back greg!

Got y’all
Six Gun Power Washing & Soft Washing

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Facebook likes are so “last March!”

Got you all,
Mike, Hank, Greg


I just returned the favor.


Lol, nice one Ralph

This is a great idea and I have tried doing this in the past with other organization members. I will post my fb here (all clean power washing) since this is my first post it will not let me add the link but my fb business page is spelled out as I have listed it… and I will now go like all of the above with my business page and personal page (Meg Wheatley Josetti) Thanks in advance for liking mine

I got you all back!