Facebook Issues


Ok, wanting to know if anyone has had similar problems. I see where a lot of you have facebook pages promoting your business. Thought I’d give it a shot and create a page. I went online and created a personal page (guess i have to have a personal page to have a business page) and then created my business page. I was astonished that it seemed like it was getting viewed within hours and even landed a fairly decent job from it. Not 24 hours later I get a message from Facebook saying there had been suspicious activity on my account (not sure what the heck that could have been) and hey flagged my account. THen they completely booted me and disabled my account. Soooooo…I went through the whole process again. Created another personal account AND another business page. Now this time within an hour I get a message saying that my business page was being unpublished due to it violating Facebook rules. All it had on it was my business name, contact info, my logo as my profile pic and cover pic and a few work pics. I mean what gives?? I was getting excited since i landed a job from it in less than 24 hours and now all this!

Any thoughts??


what rules did you so called break???


I have NO idea! It didn’t tell me what I did wrong, just that my page violated something. Like I said, all it had on it was my company info and a few work progress pics. I’m dumbfounded


Hope I don’t have this problem. Just today I created a Facebook business page for Ultra Wash USA



If I were to guess, I’d say they thought it was a duplicate page, since the first one had been disabled, but most likely not deleted entirely (FB doesn’t actually “delete” anything it seems :grimacing:)