Facebook and reviews

Today was the official start of our season. Two houses down 1 review so far. My goal is 80 reviews for 2018 and I don’t have any on Facebook.

The only reason being that I can’t find a good way to direct people to them easily. HA has an email I can send with a link. Angie’s List and google have links.

My questions are:

  1. How many of you are getting requests via your FB page?

  2. Is there a link to direct people there for reviews?

  3. Do FB reviews ultimately matter?


Hey Brody! Just wanted to comment quickly because this is something I’ve done pretty well with, I actually have a little more fb reviews than google reviews.

All of my stuff advertises that we’re on fb. My trucks, business cards, website, door hangers, etc.

It seems like it’s avtually easier for people to leave reviews on fb. For a while there I had 80% of my reviews only on fb to the point where I had to request people to leave reviews on google instead.

I think the fb reviews help sure, but I personally would almost rather they be on google because I feel new clients search for me on google rather than fb. Regardless I’m sure it’s a good look when I have the reviews throughout multiple platforms instead of just one.

I don’t know if this helps I just wanted to share my input. I wanted to ask you if you use Facebook to keep people up to date on what you guys are doing and do you interact with Facebook groups? I’ve found this to be my strongest marketing tactic


I just started my business last fall. I immediately made a Facebook page for the business. I invited all of my friends and family. People have shared the page. I have around 100 likes on the page and zero reviews. I honestly don’t know how to get more likes or reviews on my work. I posted some before and after pictures, promoted the page and I’m still around 100 likes. :thinking:

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I think having multiple sites/platforms with reviews definitely carries a lot of weight. In my follow up email that I send to clients, I have all of my review links posted so that they may select whichever one they prefer and leave a review. I started last November and have over 25 reviews across all of my platforms.

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I started this past winter and made a fb page. I have several reviews and I have even paid like $15 to boost my page and picked up two jobs. This is my main advertising for now. I hate fb but it’s easy advertisement. I’m just now getting a logo design( should be completed this week) and starting more advertisement. We’ll see how it goes. My goal is slow and steady. This is my learning year. Next year I will have different goals.
I do ask my clients to give a review on fb and one referral.

Randy Stroup
Clean Start Pressure Washing

Feel free to like my page. Lol.

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I started a fb page the day I started up. Iv posted before and after pics just the rest of everyone. When iv posted ppl share iv had up to 1200 views on must of my pics posted but iv yet to get any busy from fb. 90% of my calls have been by word of mouth and rest off of yard signs, ppl have told me hey so and so gave me ur number or hey I seen ur sign and goes from there. But as far as fb Nothing.

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I do like Kenny. I put links in my paid invoice receipts and ask for them. I generally only put my Google link if they have a gmail address. If not put my FB page or both. Depends on the customer too. If one I’ve built a rapport with will ask them before I leave job site and most do when I send the link. I think they all matter. People really look at them.


I don’t have a personal FB account. I have my business FB account setup from my wife’s account. I feel like I am not using FB to it’s full potential because I am not familiar with it. It seems like some guys it really helps get them calls.

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FB can be a great way to market and keep your customers engaged throughout the year. Since I am new and trying to build a brand, customer retention and referrals are my livelyhood at the moment. I try to post and make engagements on all of my platforms ie) Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google + at least every 2 days. My website has the logos and links on the top and bottom of every page to also attract traffic to the platforms.
I do like boosting posts because you can select exactly who to target and where.


We use Facebook adds with much success! I think in the last year I have maybe spent $500 ish with Facebook and the ROI was fantastic!

We also do commercial and residential snow removal 90% commercial. So we use adds year round. We have had numerous residential snow accounts picked up and they also book a housewash.

We still have adds on the truck and magnetic business cards. But I think Facebook has been our bread and butter.


Like @John_Lange said, with Facebook you are able to maximize the free side of advertising with better results by sharing in mom groups, neighborhood groups, garage sale groups. I’m horrible on following up and asking for reviews, I definitely need to get better on that.

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I dont have a lot of reviews in general, getting people to actually leave one is hard. We send a google link and facebook link. Even thought they are completely happy, they wont always write one. Ive also had people put reviews in the wrong place so they dont “count”. Yelp has screwed me over and said 3 of my reviews are “fake”, even thought they are my real customers.

Google does take into account your facebook and yelp reviews which helps with your ranking and seo.

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Do you think offering a drawing for a Visa gift card or a chance to win a $50 house wash gift certificate for customers that do leave a review would push more people to do so?

Just be sure to tell them only 5 star reviews will be entered. haha Just kidding there but there has to be a good way to get customers to leave reviews. When I purchase products I’m happy with I try to leave reviews when I can but I’m usually too busy and end up forgetting. Is it possible to link a review that is already filled out so they only have to hit a couple buttons and they’re done?

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Good call about only sending google review if they have google address otherwise its a pita for the customer.

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I like the concept you ran for FB add with flat rates they know exactly what they are getting and for what price and then you an upsell once on site.

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Don’t ever offer your services, or a discount of your services as a giveway. Interested customers may wait instead of contacting you in hopes of winning that $50 off. Give away a Yeti Cooler, a flat screen or something else. That is my plan for April, giveaway a big Yeti cooler once our page hits a thousand likes.


Thanks guys. I’ve never had good luck boosting posts so I’m doing something wrong for sure. I do think that SAHM groups and Buy, Sell, Trade pages work best for me. I haven’t done them for a long time though which is silly because they worked fairly well.

I ask for reviews twice in person typically and it’s all over everything. Our shirts, every email, marketing material, invoices, and estimates. Anything they can click on to get to the site of their choice. Google, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Thumbtack… but I don’t have a link to send them specifically to a review page for facebook. All I have is the general business page.

Do you guys know if there’s a link to take them directly to a review page? A couple clicks and no scrolling.

I’m definitely not using Facebook’s full potential.

Great ad btw @SchertzServicesLLC

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When I first started out I was bidding homes by the area of siding. I found myself wasting time (money) and gas (money) just to hear “oh that’s a good price we will call you” and never hear back. Once we started the flat rates things picked up fast. It also enabled me to book homes much further away! We book in one of the larger cities in Illinois and its an hour and a half drive. But I schedule 3-6 in a day. I wouldn’t be able to book homes that far away if I had to drive over for each one and do an estimate.



I couldn’t love that post any more.


Thanks for the tip. I never would’ve considered the effect of that. Good call.