Facebook ads lead cost

I would like to know your guys’ experience with CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) from Facebook ads. I ran an ad and spend $35 total on it and got $800 worth of work from it between two jobs. However since them I have spent another $200… yes 200 with many bs messages and a few saying they will contact me after Rainy season (im in FL). Finally today another lead… however I do not understand how the original ad I had did well and when I tried to run it again did not see any results. So I tried more and more ads with little success until I finally got a single lead today. What would you guys consider a low CAC and a high CAC? At what point would you drop a method of advertising because the CAC cost is too high? If you are interested in seeing my ads PM me.

i have the same issue with facebook ads. $700 spent on ads for maybe 1-2 jobs. i get way more from posting in groups

Facebook ads in my experience are much less consistent than other outlets. Not to say it’s not worthwhile but it’s much more varied. Very similar to what you pointed out a few weeks ago my spend for the week was $100 and I brought in $800 is business, but the last 2 weeks have cost me $200 and brought in nothing. It’s still positive ROI when I zoom out and look at YTD for me so I just ride the roller coaster.

NextDoor on the other hand can bite me. That’s money flushed in my experience lol.

How do you find groups to post in? What groups do you post in?

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I just bought a 4 month mailer ad campaign. 1000 mailers per month to spots I pick out on the map. At least it’ll hit my target demographic. Can’t be picky since I’m just starting out and hate Facebook.


After trying DIY FB ads for a long time I hired a company to do it for me. $350 a month for their service, with a $300 ad spend per month budget. I was and at times still am quite skeptical, but it has broken even at a minimum every month, and it seems over time to be getting better and better as they refine the ad. My hope is to eventually advertise only on FB and Google, or atleast make them my primary sources of business.


did you go with a local company or what? i’m considering the same thing @Corbin

Nope. I tried 2 different companies. Both I found on the Pressure Washing Friends facebook page. The first was just one guy who charged 300 a month, 150 for his services and 150 for the ad spend, or something like that. He got me a pretty good ROI month after month, but it wasn’t a lot of work absolutely speaking.

The second, the current one, is a multi person company out of PA. I’m in NW Ohio. I’m going to keep paying these guys to do it for the time being. It seems like the ROI is getting better every month. A local company tried to contact me recently, I may give them a shot in the future.

The biggest piece of “advice” I would give from my experience is that you should be prepared to lose money the first few weeks or months, or just break even. The ads take time to be refined as they learn what works in your area.


I am based in Houston so having a large market helps. I spend $35 a day $1050 a month as my only paid marketing. My ROI remains 20-1. I have had others have success witching to automated and some report varied results. Markets seems to greatly affect FB ads. My average cost per message is $17. I close 50-60% of the messages and have received several commercial jobs through FB ads as well.

My walkthrough video I made. I recommend automated campaigns over boosted posts or regular ads. My returns on automated have far outshined anything else and it’s not close. Facebook Automated Campaign Walkthrough - YouTube