Face mask/respirator


Has anyone tried theses masks? I do mostly soft washing of houses and am getting tired of constantly going through the 3M masks. Also if someone has another suggestion to keep the bleach mist out of lungs that would be much appreciated.


I don’t see anywhere that it is for chemicals. They look like dust masks.


I have this one that I use for cleaning hood vents with degreaser. I don’t use it as much as I should for house washing but I have it in the truck


Used to use those ones, they are good.
But since i git this, last June i havent looked back


I haven’t found it in blue yet


DAMN Bill! You’re taking no chances with that getup. I use those other masks when working with sealers but not with house washes. I asked the company and they said they are not recommended for bleach mist. I guess Ill stick to the old white face masks and a hoo rag for now.


I’d love see someone in full gear like that washing houses like a boss


I use a similar one as @Barry1 especially when doing batch mixes for roofs. I think it was specifically for chemical applications. I lost my voice back in July doing a roof without a mask on. Too many fumes!!! Never again!


Make sure any of you aren’t choosing the 3M masks for the bleach “odor”. Stopping you from smelling the odor with charcoal isn’t the same as filtering out the vapors.


I use a similar version of this air fed from same manufacturer, not cheap but quality construction and battery lasts all day. I have the helmet and visor for outdoors and the hood with visor for interior painting when I’m using nasty smelling products.
I use these air feeds because I was sick of my previous masks filling up with sweat .


Like it.
Might buy one from amazon $165


Didn’t Dustin Hoffman wear that in Outbreak?!


Probably right there Sassy, I’m all good if we get an Ebola outbreak , u better get on board lol


Crikey , mine (the 8000)cost 2k with accessories. That’s Northern Australia for ya, we get all the good deals…