F-13 gutter bomb

Can I please ask you pro’s how you use F-13 gutter bomb. And does just spraying it on remove black streaks and dirt with dwell time? Or do you need to scrub with a brush. Needing something reliable to use with a little instruction on how to use it if it really works. Thanks in advance!

I use Awesome from the dollar store. Google “images” Awesome cleaner.
“Works” great. and very inexpensive. Will not take the paint off.

Cut it down to about 70% water / 30% Awesome. Apply with a car washing sponge. Keep gutter wet with cleaner for about 15 minutes, and then go back and start putting mild friction on the gutter with the sponge and some more cleaner. You don’t have to use alot to get the gutter cleaned. I mean --don’t have cleaner dripping all over plants ,etc. Be wise.Pre-soak.

Thanks. And definitely on pre- soak. I’ve never used "awsome ". Sure it works great. Thanks. Have you ever used f-13? Read that that’s a pro’s choice. But I’ll look for the "awsome ". Seems most gutters actually need some scrubbing. Not just dwell and rinse. Doesn’t that seem like the consensus when it comes to gutters?

most likely you’ll wash the house first --correct ? This will clean the gutters. What’s left is the vertical striping.
Doesn’t require a brush.It’s a chemical thing. You’re breaking it down and wiping it off. Bleach won’t break it down.

it’s spelled “Awesome” so you search for the right product. You can buy more expensive cleaners, but you’ll pay extra “of course”. But “why” ?

*** for the record—i’ve never used F-13


you right with the totally Awesome from dollar tree i use the same for gutters and its does the job better then any big name out there plus it leaves a glossy shine to the gutters your customers will love it .

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I usually apply f13 after the house wash to remove oxidation,tiger stripes. Pour small amount f13 with soap ,H20 in a bucket brush,agitate small sections at a time an rinse. Be very careful with some of the painted gutters because your stripping light coat of paint when applying it.

A question for you guys who use Awesome:

Is it as temperature sensitive as Gutter Grenade is? I have a Gutter Brightening job to do next week, but temps are still too low for GG to work, so I’m thinking about trying out the Awesome.

Question for u Gordon, I need some help, I’m trying to figure out how is can use f13. Can it be DS or do I have to mix up in a sprayer? could you please give me some info on it. If I can DS do I just DS straight or do I need to mix it up in a bucket with anything else then DS? This here is what I’m trying to fix.

In the link I shared with you in the other post @Dudette downstreamed it, gives her ratios, dwell time, and before and after pictures. Sometimes I gloss over stuff too.

@Innocentbystander I’m starting to see why you get frustrated sometimes.

Gotcha I went back and seen what u posted. Didn’t realize I could clink on what u posted and it would pull up the whole post, just trying to get as much info on f13 as possible. Never used f13 before and everyone I ask about other then on here know nothing about it. I really appreciate how fast ppl reply and are willing to help and give advice.

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That’s why i go back into the shadows for a couple of years occasionally. @Tim4 ken fenner and a few others are always around but a fresh batch of new folks always pop up.

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gutter edge or Chomp Pro are good ones takes the streaks away…