Eye issues from using SH

Lately I have noticed if I spray SH that my vision will be slightly blurry for a few days after. ( only noticeable when reading)

I went to the doctor and he said just the fumes can cause irritation to the eyes which could result in temporary blurred vision.

No SH got into my eyes on either occasion ( it has happened twice now) and I was wearing sun glasses.

Has anyone else experienced side effects from using chemicals?

Does anyone wear respirators and or goggles when working with SH?

It’s easy to ignore this stuff but it could come back to bite you later…

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How old are you? if you are close to 40, maybe you need reading glasses. The same thing happened to me 8-9 years ago. I had perfect vision. One day I noticed that my vision was a little blurry at the end of the day. That happened a few times, then gradually I realized I was getting old, and I needed reading glasses.

I’m only 22. I actually has my vision tested and it is still 20/20

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If it’s bothering your eyes already just think what it’s doing to your lungs. Young guys never see this(no pun intended) but long term use of SH is damaging to your lungs if you don’t cover up now. That’s the hard reality of dealing with SH long term.

trevor wear a respirator
i also wear full face shield

Hi Boss,
I have not experienced that but I do know that chemicals are absorbed into the body through hands, skin, eyes, etc. I want to encourage you to always use protective eye-wear and protective clothing when working with chemicals. Even if you do not feel any adverse effects, it could come back to haunt you later on down the line.

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