Extra hose, extra parts..and what to do with them?

Okay so I bought 300 foot of 1/2 inch hose to build my 12v system and I’ve got everything ready to go as soon as the trailer gets done being painted I’ll start assembling everything… now the dilemma and it’s a good Dilemma to have as far as I’m concerned I made sure I picked up extras of everything I have enough parts to make another entire 12v system minus the hose reel… it seems that almost everybody runs only about 200 foot of chemical hose on there 12v systems… that means I’ll have an extra hundred foot of chemical hose…
Should I just go ahead and assemble the other system pick up an extra hose reel and have one 12 volt system that has 200 foot of hose and another full 12 volt system ready to rock that just has a 100 ft of hose, or should I just leave all the extras in a box rattling around in my truck? Or I guess I could assemble the other system with the 100 ft of hose put it on my other trailer… decisions decisions

I have a tool box in the bed of my truck with several organizers and a milk crate with spare parts.
For me, I would run with a single 12v system and spare parts. The reality is that no one is going to have 2 12 v systems on a single trailer. If you build another 12 v system and put on another trailer then you will find yourself at a job site with a broken part and nothing to do (unless you buy even more back-up parts).

It is always a good idea to have spare parts with you so when crap breaks, you can fix it right then in the moment and keep on going. It is a profit killer to have to pack up on a job only to return another day to finish.

If you don’t have a tool box on your truck, do you have room for something on your trailer? I would want something I can bolt down and lock to keep thieves out of it.

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At the moment I have plenty of room on the trailer…lol…im sure it’s going to close in fast…

Keep the 300 unless all you’re doing is rinky dink houses. I use over 200 ft almost every day.


@Racer thats what I really wanted to do but it seemed like most people just runs 200ft so i figured thete was a reason… So theres no problems with running 300 ft of 1/2 " and a 12v system…

Nope. I ran 280 1/2’ and 250 5/8 now. 250 is the absolute min. I would run. If you’re in the back of a big property you need every bit you can get.

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Awesome…300 ft it is😁

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Any issues with 250’ and just a 5.5 gpm pump?

No, but you’re only going to get about 35’ at best distance.

Ok, thanks. That should be plenty. I’m not doing any roofs, just for a few situations where a hotter mix is needed here and there.