Exterior Fire Sprinkler Heads?

I walked through an apartment complex end of last week and found these smoke alarms above every door. They have the small glass piece in them and im afraid that even a softwash will break them. Has anyone found a plastic box or something that fits over these? Or what was your solution to protecting them?

Walmart sacks.

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Rinsing should be easy-peasy…

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And if you can’t get your local Walmart to pony up… we buy these a few times a year:

You guys think bags will be enough to protect the glass vial? Im not saying im going to be blasting the smoke detector with my shooter tip but I just want to make sure everything is protected from accidents.

Oh, I would tell my crew not to spray within 2 feet of that sucker…with the fan tip.

Those are sprinklers, not alarms. The glass will only pop by heat or if you directly hit them, pretty hard.


I’m surprised you guys don’t know what a sprinkler head looks like.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yea thats what I meant. Just couldnt think of the word. Sometime me no good with words :slight_smile: I guess I always thought those glass vials were super fragile. If I can just cover them with a bag and wash around them then I should be just fine.

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Pretty sure we all knew, hence the

statement :rofl:

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We wash around literally thousands of them every year. No need to cover them, just don’t hit them with a straight stream. DO, however, bag and tap pull stations and tape keyholes.


Thanks for the info guy! Myself nor the other guys in my area who i am friends with have seen these on the outside of the buildings. They really threw me for a loop.

Worst case scenario, that section rinses itself


That’s funny

If I recall correctly, you keep one of these on every truck as well, just in case. Right?


I keep wooden wedges, but they do the same thing basically

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