Extension pole wands

Is there a use for extension pole wands? I have one that I had planned on using to clean 2nd story gutters but I’m rethinking that idea. If anyone has one, what specifically do you use it for?

I use mine just to take up space in my shop

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Insurance policy.

Insurance policy for what?

I rented one to try it out as gutters where I live are always a pain. Took about 30 seconds to figure out I don’t like em and just went back to my quick scrub with my regular extension pole.
Your mileage may vary, just wasn’t a tool for me.

In case you can’t reach a peak or other difficult to reach area.

@Sasquatch Oh ok, I was thinking Liability Insurance. I have that. lol

They are great for zip tieing a mirror to to check gutters


I use my 30’ Unger @squidskc talked me into buying to knock down high wasp nests.


Or duct tape a belt clip cellphone holder and get video proof they’re clean.


Save your money buy a good ladder

@Firefighter4hire Unfortunately, I already have one. I was just looking for uses for it. I bought it early on and haven’t used it yet.

If you run into a situation where you just can’t quite reach for whatever reason such as angle or wind. You can’t downstream with the pole so you will either need to use and xjet with an extended hose or force feed your injector. As @Sasquatch mentioned. Just an insurance policy

Lot of those yellow poles have quarter inch line and you can’t downstream with them

Guy’s shooter tip is a better insurance policy and takes up less space and is a lot less expensive

You can use the pole PLUS a shooter tip. That’s the insurance policy.

I use my pole to clean gutters. I have that double sided turbo nozzle deal. Made $120 today in 13 minutes with it. I use it about once a week and it’s a great tool to have.

I also ordered a 6 foot lance this spring. It has been hands down the best thing to have for reaching on windy days or shooting up over lower rooflines to hit weird places. And if I can’t get a wasp nest down from just my Jrod I throw it on.