Extension Pole Recommendations

Any good recommendations on extension poles for your gutter brush?

Weight, length ect…


I have been thinking about getting this attachment.
Gutter Cleaning Applicator

I was looking at that also, but my concern was the actual scrubbing ability of that brush.

Gutters have different shapes and sizes.

Thanks Chris.

Kevin, I use the Unger Add-An Arm, 5 sections up to 30 feet for two things. It doubles as a 30 foot water
fed pole for window cleaning and a gutter scrubbing brush capable of reaching 30 feet from the ground.
It can be quite flexible fully extended, but still quite manageable. Gutters turn out fine so far just using
house wash mix. Have a great day! Bill Sullivan Bill’s Window Cleaning 902-471-8008.

I use the Mr. Longarm from Home Depot. Works good for the price.

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I went with an Unger with twist locks

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Our 30’ Unger twist lock is four years old now. It works when nothing else will reach.

I tried it. Went back to a brush. I found I could get the gutters cleaner with a brush.

Do you think it’s worth it to get the 30 footer, or is the 18-21 ft a better option?

How often have you used all 30 feet?


I got a long one. Probably about 30 ft. It’s kinda awkward to use in tight spaces, even when unextended. 21 ft would have been a better option.

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Thanks Josh.

I hate that thing but when you have to have it, there is nothing like it.

We also have a variety of shorter click lock poles for every day use.

I use concrete snap poles…used for bull floating and broom finishing concrete.

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The Unger is a beast, and can be flexy when fully extended, but it is a valuable tool to have - even when I have good carbon fiber water fed poles. You can change the tip to a european thread to accommodate water fed brushes, too.

A nice 18’ pole is the Ettore Interlock pole - only $60.00. It’s four sections so it is pretty handy in close quarters, the twist lock mechanism in much easier than the older twist locks, and it is rigid. If you have both you can cover up to 30+ feet for about $170.00

link: Ettore InterLock Pole 4 Section

Where do you guys get the Ungers from…saw some on Amazon…we have been using the Wooster 18ft but sometimes need something else…trying to avoid so much ladder use


I went with the Unger 20 footer. Seems like it will be the best for what Im doing.

Thanks again everyone!


We use Wooster locking poles not twist style that don’t last
Adding some grip tape on pole for gutter brushing helps

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Window Cleaning Resource has an array of poles from Unger and other manufacturers. Window cleaning poles I think are made with an excellent balance of rigidity, light weight, and ease of use since we use them for a variety of purposes and directions. Painting poles, or click poles are nice since twist clamps can be balky, but they’re heavy and best suited for up and down movements standing under the pole. You might not notice the weight while directly under it, but if you have to reach gutters over a hedge or other features, gravity will act on it and the weight will be a drag.