Extend 50' hose or buy 100' hose

I want to extend my pressure washer hose. I have the 50’ hose that came with the unit and was thinking of buying a 50’ hose to extend to 100’ Is this ok? If so, what’s the best method to connect the two hoses?

PRESSURE PRO 4000psi 4gpm unit

This is the 50’ hose I want to buy.


Buy a 100’ hose then you can connect them and have 150’ of hose when you need it.

Would there be any significant pressure lost with 150’? And, what’s the best method to connect these hoses?


You should be fine. You can use quick couplers if you want to take them apart or a JIC live swivel if you don’t.

Actually, that hose in the picture looks like it already has a swivel and fittings so all you would need would be a female to female coupler.


I like to use a single 200 ft pressure hose

Regarding pressure loss… the higher the GPM the more you need to worry about pressure loss.

This is a fantastic resource (third section down). Hose pressure loss