Expanding into power washing

I have been power washing (rather soft washing) houses for about 5 years now. We use 14% clorine with soap, and had treated us well. However, we are expanding due to our window cleaning contracts and now have to clean food joints’ drive thru lanes and strip malls’ heavy traffic sidewalks… I am upgrading our unit to a 5.6 gpm @ 3500 hot water unit, but i am trying to find out from other experienced pros as to what chemicals best to use for dirt and oil (degreasers) removal?
What do you use and at mixed with what and at what ratios? I have read about using Sodium Hidroxide beads with adding maybe Eliminator…??? I dont want to hurt my guys by mixing our own chems nor do i want to do a bad job on these properties haha. Please help

First off you probably need to check your areas BMP for wash water control regulations. Most all don’t allow waste water down the storm drain. It must be diverted, reclaimed, or pumped to property sewer clean out.

Second, if you don’t know what you’re doing, messing with Sodium Hydroxide beads can be very dangerous.

Pre-made chems are probably the way to go until you get more experience.

Down streaming or direct application methods are the way to apply…Ratios depend on strength of chem and ratio of down stream pull. Your results may vary. Trial & Error is the way to find proper ratio.

Good Luck & Welcome!

[MENTION=13333]Navarro[/MENTION]. I use chemicals manufactured by a family owned chemical company. They make degreasers (and many other types of cleaners.)They use potassium hydroxide in their degreasers rather than sodium hydroxide because it cleans well and isn’t as dangerous. AC-206 or AC-BIG RED PG would be great products for your application and both are bleach stable. These are sold in 55 gallon drums and are very competitively priced. They can also ship nationwide. Check out aulltech.com and click on degreasers. I’m sure we can help you out!

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[MENTION=7366]GuyB[/MENTION] thanks for the the advise. I have not used any chems for concrete, and was just researching. I appreciate your honesty and letting me know the danger of something i seen being used like it was nothing. Over the past 7 years of powerwashing houses, i started with little knowlege and did a lot if that trial and error haha. Im glad i didnt scre sh** up in fue process. But i am tired if seasonal residential work and am just learning and trying to get into commercial. I shall begin with premades. Do you have anything you could recomend?

[MENTION=13290]aullclean[/MENTION] i appreciate your help. I will look into the 2 chems you mentioned. You said they are bleach stable… So people use chlorine to clean concrete? Cause thats what i am investigating here as i am trying to get into commercial concrete cleaning. So i would then mix said bleach in with said degressers?

[MENTION=13333]Navarro[/MENTION]. You don’t have to use bleach to clean concrete unless it has living organisms growing on it i.e. mold or algae. You can use those cleaners to clean other things as well. That’s why I mentioned the bleach stability.

[MENTION=13333]Navarro[/MENTION]. Also I could get you a free 1 gallon sample to you to work with ratios, etc. If you email me your contact info at faull@aullclean.com I could take care of that.

[MENTION=13290]aullclean[/MENTION] Im following now. The was i understood when i first read was as if ppl use bleach on concrete routinely.
I have been dealing with great people at the PowerWashStore… They have almost convinces me to get their degresser, called CleanKrete… Has anyone used this or have any thing to say about this detergant?

I would look into 55 gal “kit” packages either powerwashstore.com or southside equipment in KY. 95% + of all degreasers are water, don’t pay shipping for water.

We’re both residential guys so you know the difference between mold (bleach) & oil or grease (caustic/butyl)…each has their use.