Exotic wood

I did an estimate yesterday for a deck that needs to be cleaned bad. I cannot figure out what It is. I have never seen this before… 8/10 folks have pine the other two have a composite. This is definitely real wood though yet it has no screws showing as with composite often times.
I will be headed back over to better assess methods and time to properly clean it.
I didn’t take any pictures. Dumb move.

But does anyone have any off the wall types of decking they have cleaned? If you could drop a few tip s I would appreciate it.
I will take pics asap then I’ll update.

Cedar would be my guess. It’s probably the most popular choice after pine. Another is Redwood but it’s not seen as often.

Google “Cedar deck” and compare the images to what you remember.

Just post the pictures after you go back and we’ll be able to give you type of wood.

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Theres a groove that i know composites use, and you basically put a clip n the groove and screw it down. Not sure if natural wood could do the same method.

It;s likely either ipe (pronounced EPAY) or TEAK. Both respond well to PWing, but you MUST go from one end of the board to the opposite end without stopping or you will leave marks in the wood that may eliminate your ability to collect for the job. Use the tip that covers the entire board at WHATEVER distance you wish to place that tip and travel the entire board smoothly without the stops and starts that leave marks.

Good luck!