Exiting the biz... 8gpm hot water trailer for sale

Afternoon all -

I’ve decided to exit the industry and am looking to part ways with my beloved beast.

Location: Northwest ATL suburbs (Woodstock, GA 30189)

Equipment: BCE Systems 8gpm HydroMax DC8040HGi - Honda iGX800. 479 hours. ZK1 unloader set to 3500 PSI.

Trailer - 5.5’ x 12ft, tandem axles w/ electric brake

425 gal water tank, 25 gal chem tank

GP 24" surface cleaner w/ casters

200 ft high pressure hose (3-4 months on the hoses)

200 ft softwash hose (unused), 5.5 gpm NT pump (unused), softwash wand (unused)

Various odds and ends included as well.

You’ll notice a dent in the toolbox. When backing it into my garage the first day, turned too sharply and busted the taillight on truck. What a 1st day. Much smoother after then :wink:

Stored inside a garage. Mainly used for house washes and driveways. Heat rarely used - maybe 10-15x in total.

Beast of a machine. Pics attached. My cell is 678 - 591 - 2458. Serious inquiries only please.

Original invoice price $14,427. Purchased 6/16/21. Putting together the same package on BCE’s site gets you to around 17k or so today. Looking to recoup somewhere between 10-12k depending on how quickly someone wants to purchase.

Anticipating putting another 10-20 hours on it.


What kind of flow you getting with the 800? at 3500 you should be getting pretty good. Are you trying sell complete or will you break up?

Haven’t measured it so can’t give you an exact # there.

Looking to sell complete

Can you post pic from rear? Where’s your softwash system you mentioned.

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Softwash system isn’t plumbed. That wasn’t clear.

Bumping this before throwing it on Ebay.

If you’re at all interested… make me an offer. Rather sell this thing now to free up garage for the winter.

You got $5k worth of stuff you’re trying to sell contractors that know better. You need to be on ebay if you want an empty garage for winter

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Hammer out the dent. It’s pretty easy to do. Use a rubber mallet.

Put it for sale on some of the Facebook washing groups to expand your reach for trying to sell it.

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