Exit hose for reclaim system

So I just got my new Hydrotek RPV30E1 vac and transfer unit. The rep told me that since the 2” vacuum line is bulky and space was at a premium that I should just get fire hose for the discharge out of the transfer pump. I bought two cheap 50’ lengths of single jacket vinyl 2” hose with cam locks from amazon. Only used one of them as I didn’t even need the full 50’ on these first two jobs.

The problem is they kink like crazy if not laid perfectly straight (cannot make turns) and one has already sprung a leak after only about four hours of use. I need to run it across road ways (parking lots) and it’s ideal for getting ran over since it lays flat naturally with no water in it. Don’t want to run over the real vacuum hose from hydrotek that I use for the vacuum side as it will get ruined so looking for a better option for the discharge side.

What do you guys use? Is there a better 2” hose that does not kink and is durable enough to run across concrete and rocks to not burst?

Discharge hoses for real machines are usually a canvas firehose type I thought. Look for discharge hose.

The one I bought said discharge but just spent $150 on a canvas 50’ by 2” fire hose. Seems like it will work way better Haven’t tried it yet