Excuses Excuses

So I ran an advertisement last week for a painters labourer as I needed help to move a 7m mobile scaffold around a house along with some prep work and my usual offsider isn’t available.

I figured from past experience that I can’t rely on guys actually showing up so I accepted 3 applications and kept 2 extras on standby.

I thought one guy at least would show and if the other 2 by some miracle also made it then I would find stuff for them to do.

This guy sends a message at 6am saying he won’t be coming.
I reply “how come?”

I just received the explanation and I’m still laughing- BTW the other 2 guys didn’t show up either.


Lol. Classic. It’s not just an Aussie thing. We live in an extremely diverse world. This guy is dead serious in his methodology and sadly enough has a point. I don’t agree with it but it’s rational.

I reckon he is a nutcase, he was texting me every day since I put the advertisement up with little questions, he had plenty of time to bring up his lack of teeth etc.
I’m still having a chuckle every time think of it.


Ironically, sounds similar to what we get here in KY.


Kentucky is where the tooth brush was invented. Anywhere else, it would have be named the Teeth brush… Ahh yucka,yucka


Maybe I’m a softy for it but I feel for the guy

Offer to PW his remaining teeth, he might come back.


I might just leave it alone, I think he was probably biting of more than he could chew …


I mean, I admire the brass on that feller. Most folks nowadays will come up with the most BS excuse they can think of and roll with it. At least he shot you straight from the hip and told you he’s trying to play the system to his advantage. Bravo to him.

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Shooting from the hip?

This guy answers advertisement for a painters labourer within 30min of posting it on Thursday,
I inform that the job starts Monday .
He says ok and insists that he sends me his resume .

I get a text on Friday arvo asking if job is still happening and if he should check again on Sunday…
I tell him the job is starting Monday morning at 8:00am and address of jobsite.

He texts me Monday morning at 6:02am
Simply says that he won’t be coming in.
I send back asking why not and he waits 5 hrs and delivers that ripper!!

Not exactly being upfront in my opinion,
If the guy had any brass he would have been straight up with me.

I’m used to new guys not turning up he just raised the bar for excuses in my book.


I wasn’t necessarily referring to how he went about it. I was more referring to him gaming the system to get new teeth. I agree he was crappy about how he did it but he’s got one of the better reasons I’ve ever heard of.

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I think that’s a load of fat turds. This guy should go sell beater cars somewhere, he’s full of bad bullsh!t!

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Lock your doors and hide the kids.

You found Norman Bates.


I subbed some work to another pressure washing company for a gutter clean out. He says hes getting out of pressure washing and getting into gutter repair/ gutter guard installation. I gave him a lead from a lady that was just wanting her gutters cleaned out and he went and did it. I have a job coming up on the 23rd where a customer wants a house wash , concrete cleaning and gutter clean out. I asked him his price to do 241 feet of gutters with gutter guards and he tells me $155. I got him the gutter clean out for $220. Text him back told him i got us locked in for the 23rd at 9am and he will not text back. Called with no answer… Now im going to have to clean 241 feet of gutters with gutter gaurds on them for $220 and i have no clue where to start :expressionless:

They’re easy to install. Clean the gutters while installing the guards. Toss the stuff from the gutters on the ground and rake up what you can when finished.

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Oh no in not installing any gaurds i need to clean the gutters and they already have gaurds on them.

Maybe i climb up there push all the leaves back where they cant see them.

Just kidding :joy::joy:

As long as the gutter guards are in good shape print a stiff bristle brush with a 6 foot handle up the ladder with you and just drag the leaves off.

Edit: I forgot to say that is as long as none of them have fallen through and leaves got all under the guards.

Ive stood on roof before and cleaned them out with a yellow tip(only 1 I havent lost) and just propped up the corner screen so it all just get hydro-scooped out, took like 5min. I now have a 5hp yard vacuum to pick up any debris should I do it again.

Cant get on this roof too steep. Im going to bring my leaf blower and use pressure washer if i have too. Worst come to worst ill pay another guy to come clean them. Im hoing to give this guy a call Monday and tell him if he doesnt show up that ill throw my huge traffic cone through his window.