Excell EXHA2425 Power Washer has No Pressure - Checked Unloader Valve - Hose - Wand all Okay - Troubleshooting?

Hello All,

I have been troubleshooting no pressure on a Excell EXHA2425. This was given to me when a family member passed away, and it appeared to be in like new condition. I honestly didn’t think it was used, but it may have been.

New gas and fresh oil and motor started with no problem at all and runs strong, but no pressure. Checked water inlet was clear and water came out of pressure wand but had no pressure.

I removed hose and wand and ran water in to check for internal blocks and water came out high pressure outlet fine, and sprayed a normal hose strength stream about 4 feet out the hi pressure port with no hose attached. Started motor and their is no change in water pressure with hose on or off. Pump rotates and moves freely.

Completely removed unloader valve thinking it may be stuck and it appeared very clean and not stuck. Despite that I fully disassembled and cleaned it twice and it had no effect, still no pressure.

This is a oiless pump. Is they anything else I can check or try on this before replacing the pump? Should I take the pump off next and take it apart to see inside or is their anything else easier I can try first?

I really appreciate any suggestions on this.

Thank you!