Ex-marketer, freelance graphic designer, and current pressure washer. Need any advice on marketing or design?

I see a lot of questions about marketing and flyer design. I was a director of marketing for a newspaper where I sold ad space, primarily. I’ve also ran my own online businesses and successfully executed all of my own marketing. I currently freelance graphic design and have recently started pressure washing so that I can eventually have my own company and employ people. If anyone has any questions that they need answered, I can try to help out.

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Awesome, thanks

Some of the veterans in the group hate when I say it, but marketing, sales, and customer services will land you more jobs than fancy machines and trucks. I love the marketing side of it, but I’ve got miles to go before I’m any kind of guru. @Greg755 schooled me this morning via phone call about leveraging youtube videos to drive google traffic among other things. I love washing and being outside and tinkering, but learning and implementing the marketing is my favorite part about business. Hands down.

If you become a dues paying member of PWRA you get @Chris book called Window Cleaning Marketing Blueprint. Chris built a multi-million $ window cleaning business and started by printing fliers at home. I know you have a marketing background, but it’s still a good resource for our industry and you may find a couple things in there you didn’t know!

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Sure thing. I love marketing, but I don’t like doing it for others as much as I like doing it for myself. That’s why I got out of it. I didn’t know you could become a paying member of PWRA. You mean this site, obviously. What is there to it? I didn’t see anything advertising it. Also, I love reading.

I may have just put my foot in my mouth. I forgot they closed the PWRA/WCRA to new members. :frowning: It’s a trade organization with a conference, discounts on marketing and some other things. They literally just closed it a few weeks ago.

Sorry about that! Here’s the book. It’s $99, but worth it’s weight in gold. https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/window-cleaners-marketing-blueprint-print-book.html

Wow. I hate to be the bad news guy, but $100 for a book is ridiculous. Let alone $350. That’s literally laughable! Who would do such a thing? The best book around isn’t worth more than $40. Unless it’s a national treasure, a relic, or something of that nature. He’d probably make more money selling it for cheap and putting ads on the website’s page! I won’t discount what’s probably in those pages, but $100 for a book is just ridiculous. Not to mention he could give it away by having people sign up via email and selling his list of emails to a company that does marketing. Then again, that’s subjecting the email holders to marketing/spam. But Jesus, $100?

Even if one idea in the book saved you thousands of dollars in lost revenue by helping you avoid costly mistakes? Or what if one proven idea netted you a 10X return on the $100 investment.

You lost all credibility with me as a so called marketing person when you said the best book around isn’t worth more than $40. Honestly, how can you back that up? Where did you get that figure from?

And, by the way I guess you never heard of the marketing book sold by the two plastic surgeons for 9,999.99?

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Dont pay any attention to those prices, i think the website does that to give more perceived ‘value’ to paying for a membership.

For instance, if you go to business services, and then member forms, there are dozens of one or two page templates like ‘vehicle safety checklist’ or ‘request time off form’, that are literally just a word document with maybe 5-10 bullet points, and they are all $50 apiece. There are a few good ones, and many really bad ones… all $50 apiece. Obviously no one is going to pay $50 for them, it’s just a way so that when you download all of them, it can say ‘you saved $58,000 by being a member!’, or whatever.

Here is a link to buy the book for a little over $20:

edit: Similar named title… see my post below for link to the real book.

It use to come with the membership. And there’s a bunch of other stuff that comes with it. Spreadsheets to track marketing efforts, templates, etc. etc. etc. I’m the kind of guy that will pay $1000 for something that will return me $10,000 though. This book has done even better than that for me. I can very accurately narrow down 3 jobs in 1 very nice neighborhood we were targeting all $1000-$1400 jobs.

I think the point of the price was actually to keep it out of the hands of people who weren’t very serious about investing in the business.

Like Innocent’s promise to give you $100 at Pressuretek… which you should totally take him up on because pressuretek is awesome. Love it. If you still want to be in this business in 6 months bookmark this because I’ll buy you a copy.

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That’s not even the same book…

The Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint was written by a guy who started a window cleaning business in his parents basement and grew it into the largest window cleaning business on the East Coast, which employed 40 technicians and did over 5 million a year in revenue when he sold it.

The book you are linking to is a book written by a guy who fancies himself as an Internet marketer and will do pretty much anything to make a buck off gullible people.

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It’s most certainly not. @tireshark one was written by a guy making millions of dollars and one was written by a guy making $500/day. :slight_smile:

Good thing you’re not planning on getting into the consulting business.

You beat me to it.

Two or three witnesses is always better anyway…

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Wow. That guy named it nearly the same thing. Interesting. Wonder how many accidental buys he gets from people looking for Josh’s book?

I’ve seen the Keith guy on youtube, and have met Josh L., and sat in on one of his talks… yeah Josh L. is in an entirely different league.

Anyway, here is a link to the Josh L. book for $25:


Josh didn’t write that book, Chris Lambrinides did.

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Josh Latimer and Chris Lambrinides are two different folks. Both build wildly successful, million dollar service companies from nothing, but Chris wrote this book. :slight_smile:

Haha dammit Steve…

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Ok, I’ll go hang at WCRA for a while and you can take over here, lol

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Lawd have mercy. Ok there is a video of Josh L right under the place to buy the book, and its titled ‘Josh gives us insight into…’, i guess i looked at that and thought it was saying he gives us insight through the book. Scroll further and it says Chris wrote it. Ok.

Chris wrote it.

Josh likes it.

Keith piggybacked on it.

Buy it.