Everflo pump overtightened and crack...fixable or expensive lesson?

Was rocking out to tunes and fixing up a new pump to have camlocks and muxt have cranked this one a bit hard because I heard a pop and it’s snapped. Worth some jb weld or is it done before it even began?

Looks like I can get replacement head but with it being somewhat lower pressure…was thinking maybe gooping it up could work?

The plastic housing looks to be made of ABS, in which case you could attempt to plastic weld it with ABS slurry. If you try this I would screw a brass or steel fitting into the hole that way the slurry doesn’t melt the threads.

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Is it on the outlet or inlet?? If its on the inlet there is no pressure so I would try to fix it. I guess it depends on how well you can repair it if it’s on the outlet lol

Oof. Outlet of course

I repaired a cracked radiator with JB Weld that lasted the life of the vehicle but I can tell you from experience, it will dissolve in SH & it doesn’t take long. You could probably take it apart, clean it all up really well & wrap a hose clamp around it & try again. If you’re using the thread tape / pipe dope approach, you don’t have to get the threads tight for it to work properly. Put on some Beethoven & send it.

Bread tie it with wire and linesman pliers, then dope it. Trust me it will be good to go!

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I never heard that term, “bread tie”. I assume it is the same as the old twist ties on loaves of bread? Now they are putting those plastic clip things on them which I hate.

On a side note, while playing video games, I used the term counterclockwise on a discord channel. They had no idea what I was talking about. The young kids have never used a non digital clock, so they never learned to tell time. One EMP/large solar flare and their lives are over.


yep ask the new generation want to be tiktok or youtube stars.

Slap a new head on it and chalk it up as a learning experience. Then you can gut that head and use it for spare parts.

My buddy wants to try and “splash zone” it…whatever that is, I’m not familiar.

I bought a new pump from eBay and have ordered a head last night. Great minds think alike :joy:

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