EverFlo 12v Pump Question

Bought an everflow 7gpm 12v pump with 300 feet of 3/8 ag hose. Just installed it and I’m not getting the stream I expected what could be the problem?

Almost as if it’s starved of water.

What where your expectations based on?

The stream going a little farther.

How far is it going

Roughly 28-32 feet I tested it filling a bucket filled almost 3 gallons in a minute. it’s a 7gpm 12v pump.could hose size be causing it I have 300 feet of 3/8 agricultural hose. Do I need 1/2 inch?

3/8 inch is your problem…along with 300 feet. Very rarely do I need over 200 that I have on myne.

Do a test with no gun and no tips and see what your gpm is.

What is your pick up line? Are you using 1/2 in for that? Drop tube?

Yes, I’ve read the 7gpm needs 1/2" or bigger. I went with 1/2" on my 5.5 gpm.

Anyone know a good place to order 1/2 inch ag hose from? Also I will not have to change my hose reel will I?

Skip the 1/2 and just get 5/8. There is very little difference in weight but your pump won’t be choked out especially if you plan on 300ft.