Etiquette question regarding wanting further clarification on old posts

Say youre a dumb newbie doing research and going through super old posts pertaining to what youd like to learn about…And you see a persons response youd like further clarification on. Do you respond to that particular post bringing it back from the dead or create a new post asking a specific question about what you were hoping to learn from?

generally speaking, most of the real old posters aren’t on the site anymore. Replying to them won’t get them to reply. Something in the last year or two should be fine to bump, if it is older than that I would think you could still bump it if it is obscure information. I am not the forum moderator, so you could ask one of them for their input. In the end it is an open forum, and the owners of the forum have repeatedly stated that they like people posting and asking questions.


Send a direct message to the person. Even if they don’t come to the site anymore, they’ll usually get an email notification that you sent them a message. They might even write you back

It depends. If they’re still active, then ask away.

If they’ve been MIA for awhile, I wouldn’t direct the question at them. (You can see the last time someone visited by clicking on their name.)

But if your question relates to the original question, I have no issue with asking a further question or for clarification on that same thread. It’s kinda nice to keep all the related info in one thread.


Personally, I prefer seeing an old thread resurrected, vs. starting a new one. You might not get a response from the original poster, but you’ll probably get helpful feedback from current members. And it might possibly encourage older members to get involved with the forum once again.

Just my 2¢


I’d concur. No harm in making a new useful post in an old thread. I did see one from years ago where someone resurrected it to basically say “yeah, I agree”…unneeded on that count.

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