Estimate forms?

Looking for a more professional looking estimate form. Let me see some ideas and where you get them… In the past we have used regular basic invoice form templates from our computer!



I am trying to stay a little more organized this season than last season, during busy season i get a little scatter brained at times. Im not a super computer guy so im trying to stay away from that to the best of my abilities. I especially feel that it would make it a bit harder to type everything into a program on the fly while in the truck. My plan is to keep a few binders on hand so i can do everything on the run. 1 for estimates that have not been booked/incompleted work, one for completed estimates that have not been paid and one for completed and paid estimates.

Customer factor

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I know about all these CRM companies… im just asking for some ideas and places to get new invoices.

I use to have a company that made me carbon copy invoices. I drew up how I wanted it and they made it with my logo and contact info. It was expensive but allowed me to provide potential customers with something in writing.

This is what I did. Go to a printing company locally and work with them. Decide what’s important and which sections you want. Get your company info printed on them. Or you may be able to find an existing template and just add your company info to it. There’s literally 1000s to choose from. It took me an hour to pick one. I still use them from time to time for old people.

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Any idea of a website to go and design one? I find the local printing company is close to x8 as much as it would be if i went online. Went to them on a few occasions.

Here’s a pretty good one -


Wife said we’re changing to something else she said my template was to hard to work with…lol…she could have told me like 8 monthes ago before I got used to it

Google invoice or estimate templates. There are hundreds

I print everything off. I have a cordless printer I keep in the truck. Unfortunately my hands shake pretty bad most days of the week and if I hand wrote something I wouldn’t even know what it says.


Being able to print out an invoice on site is nice. I wish they came in a 12 volt version so I wouldn’t have to keep bringing it in to charge. I’ll probably end up mounting an inverter


I just checked and mine also comes with a usb cord that it says online you can charge it with. I have a built in inverter in the truck so I’ve never tried it. When I’m at the shop a little later today I’ll grab that usb cord out of the desk and give it a shot just to be 100% sure. I’ll let you know.

What kind do you have? I’ve got the Epson WF 100

You use CF, so why give an invoice? I just tell them I’ll send them a paid receipt out that nite or next day. Only time I ever use an invoice is when I’m billing a customer that’s on terms.

A lot of people still like to have something in their hands. Especially older people


That’s the same one I have. I find myself dealing with a lot of older people who barely have an email address and still like a hard copy handed to them.

I see you just said the same thing but I’m not deleting it haha

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Do you deliver them a quote in writing? Heck around here, most the older people spend more time on the internet than I do. But I don’t have any real old clients. I’m older than about 99% of mine, lol.


I try to. A lot of times and by asking the right questions I find we have common ground and that makes closing the sale easier. My wife has been a nurse for over 25 years and a lot of that was in management so if they’re a doctor or nurse there’s a good chance we’ll know the same people if they don’t know my wife. If I can meet them especially if I can do a demo my chances of getting the job goes up because then it’s not always just about price

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