Equipped wash truck for sale...STAND OUT!

Would like to see if I can sell this whole unit before I part it out.

As of right now (more may be added), this is what is included:

2004 Isuzu NPR with diesel engine. 171,8XX miles. Runs great. Could use some front tires. Truck has 14,500 lbs load capacity. Chemical resistant fiberglass box built by supreme. Originally a Trugreen truck, so built for hauling liquid chemicals and servicing residential accounts. The truck is painted green and has vinyl graphics that can be easily removed.

Pressure pro 8 GPM cold water 3000PSI machine with 407 hours on it. Runs fine, never lets me down.

Electric hose reels (brand unknown). These work but could use some TLC. They need new drive chains and the top reel is warped. They work, they’ve just seen better days.

Ladders: 12’, 21’ and 40’. The 40’ ladder is a year old and has only been used about 5 times.

Tanks: 300g tote, 50 gallon leg tank and 15 gallon soap tank.

Hose: 200’ 3/8 blue goodyear pressure hose and 300’ Blue Kuri Tek ag hose.

Mounted 5850 chemical pump.

Various pump ups, lances, brushes, extendable poles, spray bottles and squeegees.

Many chemicals such as open 5 gallon buckets of F13, Elemonator etc. and powdered chems such as Sodium Hydroxide and Oxalic acid.

Whisper wash ground force surface cleaner.

There are many other odds and ends for washing like quick connects, jrods, o-rings, plumbing pieces, etc…

Again, I would like to try to sell as a package before parting out.

I am willing to drive the truck to you as long as you add in the cost of a plane ticket back to Buffalo, NY.

The price I am thinking is $9,500 for everything. I can be reached at 716-868-6658. Buffalo/Niagara Int.(BUF) is the closest airport (20 mins away).

That’s a cool looking truck, love the fibreglass body

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Yeah it’s a rolling billboard and built for residential service. Nice neighborhoods like having nice work trucks in them.

Guy around here runs those type of trucks. Awesome set up all around on a proven chassis and motor.

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Thanks, General!

That’s a fair price. I just bought a sprinter van a couple days ago otherwise I’d consider this.

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Sprinter vans are nice too.

For those interested,
Yes the truck is still for sale. Please call me rather than sending a PM as I don’t sign on here every day. Calling or texting me is a much easier way to get a hold of me.

I’m now parting it out.

The machine is pending.

Truck is still available…$7K negotiable.

Ground force surface cleaner…$450

Ladders (12’, 21’, 40’)…$400 The 40’ is basically brand new and cost $475 alone.

I will get the misc. parts and supplies together for pics and come up with a price for them.

I think I will keep the roof pump and hose and turn it into a fertilizing rig for my yard.

Everything is sold pending payment at this point.


All sold. Please close or delete thread. Thank You.

Hi is this truck still available?

Thank you

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