Equipment setup on a small footprint vehicle

Hey guys hope your smashing out your seasons over there. Looking at upgrading my equipment to 5.5 gpm unit with a hot box and upgrading vehicles (a trailer isn’t practical as I can not secure it properly at my premises) Problem is a dual cab is needed due to family responsibility. Anyone on here running there setup out of a dual cab truck with a hot box. Needing an idea of how to lay everything out on a limited footprint of work space. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

How long is your bed 5.5 or 6.5,8 send pictures of truck

looking at something like this. Tray length is “1520mm” width “1530” distance between wheel arches is 1120mm. Looking for a tray more so but these are easier and cheaper to find.

What are you planning on having in it roughly? You have to consider payload weight. I don’t want it to bust out on you.

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Gx630 with a independent hot box + 40 gallon buffer tank, mosmatic surface cleaner and chems for down streaming

Is that a Mazda? Didn’t know they make trucks overseas.

Yeah it’s a Mazda. Pretty solid vehicle imo.


This is how my f-250 is set up right now. I have a 4000 pound payhaul on it - I generally don’t go over 3 with this setup. I also have a ladder rack on top.

Bottom left box - pressure washer + heating unit
Bottom right box - soft wash unit

Bottom right on the rail - proportioner
Middle right on the rail - hoses
Middle - 75 gallon water tank
Top right 3 - 45 gallon sh + soaps + random chem tank (oxalic acid, etc)
Top left - storage box

I put my surface cleaner between pressure washer / storage box.

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Best I can find the newer Mazda BT 50’s will hold about 2300# in the bed.

I think you need to go quite a bit heavier duty than that.

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Yeah it’s listed as a “compact/midsize” vehicle comparable to the Ranger. First I’ve heard if it, had to look it up. Diesel engine too.

A trailer is really the only option. When we are just house washing this works out fine. Anytime we go anywhere that is beyond the scope of a house wash we bring out the enclosed trailer as well. More gear, more storage, etc. @BrickStoneConcrete You cant just rent a storage unit for 80$ a month to dump the trailer in at night? When I had my Ram 1500 / trailer combo that is all I did.

Do you own all the equipment already?

Is that hot like 110 or 12v

The hot box is 12v

If you are set on using that truck I would find someone to build you a skid. Its going to be tough to get it all in that truck. You gotta remember how hot that muffler gets not to mention the burner. If you dont own the machine maybe look into buying something that is all together. How big of a chemical tank? How big is you buffer


Something like this


That’s exactly the skid I’m looking for. I’ve got a ‘03 Taco with a 6’ bed. Who makes that and do you know how much? Thanks in advance!

They make them for wash-skids in Chesapeake who also sell them. Probably better to contact wash skids directly

Here’s a link to that IG post