Equipatron legit?

Has anybody ever used equipatron for parts? I dont really find much on them.

@Redjess I am also curious about this company. I stumbled upon their website a week or so ago and have not ordered anything from them. It appears they are an online retailer. I did see some less than flattering comments / reviews on the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau page. Product Cloud, LLC | Better Business Bureau® Profile. They have an A+ BBB rating, but that only means they pay their $500+ annual fee and customer reviews are not part of their rating.

a plus side, is they have an ebay store.

Those peoplealways call, and act like they’re some legit agency or something…even funnier when I see folks advertising their BBB rating.

I recently looked into BBB membership. $500 and your set! Very interesting point of the conversation was the fact that they require the business to be at least 6 months old. They are willing to take a hand written invoice to prove you have been operating for at least 6 months as well? I asked to be removed from future emails/calls.

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BBB is a bigger scam than Home Advisor or Angie’s list


As a civilian to the business world, I thought BBB meant something. When they finally called me (hounded more like) I was appalled. Seems like everyone wants a piece of what you make, and their piece seems bigger than most. The attitude on those guys was something else.


Does Home Advisor and Angies List do the same thing? Pay for good review?

I had fallen into the BBB trap for several years, when I finally decided I was not renewing, the folks got downright rude. I received phone calls and letters demanding that I remove the BBB logo from my web page. They reminded me I could not use it for any advertising and if I had BBB logos or stickers anywhere they were to be taken down ASAP. They offer a business nothing. Yet so many people use them to verify what a “good” business is without understanding how they work. Here is a good article from 2015 from CNN Money about the sham that is the BBB. Slammed by the government, A-rated by the Better Business Bureau - Sep. 30, 2015.

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I dunno

Ah, AL. We started with them back in 2010 when it was borderline legitimate. Got our foot in the door for our area and accumulated over 300 ‘A’ reviews.

The company merged with HA and all heck broke loose. Unless we paid $2500/mo our top rating got knocked down to the bottom. A big company here could afford the money and despite having multiple ‘F’ ratings they took over #1. The low rating reviews got buried somehow, and all you saw were the 12 ‘A’ reviews.

Here’s the weird thing. Three years ago we finally told ‘ANGI’ we were done being their whipping boy and cancelled the advertising contract we got suckered into. Somehow they found an old credit card on file and charged $600 to it without our permission.

Ironically our info is still on ‘ANGI’ so whatever.

As for HA, when a person gets on the website and simply clicks on say, plumbers…that particular contractor gets charged a fee for that. In return the plumber gets a message that windowshopper is looking for service and calls the number given, which pisses them off as all they did was click the name.

My wife was looking for a roofing company a couple years ago on ANGI, one company was so aggressive they called 14 times and was incredibly rude.

and i thouhgt that equipatron was a new kind of tequila


They truly believe that they are something for sure…it’s like they really think they are what they want the public to believe they are, some pseudo-gov’t agency handling businesses…

Ditto, Won’t take calls from BBB, Angi, or HA…but the worst of the bunch is probably Yelp. I actually spend the time to tell them exactly what shady practices are the reason behind why I won’t listen to their pitch, then tell them not to call again…they don’t, until they get another new guy 3-4 months later, and the cycle repeats :rofl:


ordered last night and got a ups trk# already. I hope its a quality oem muffler.

Ah yes, Yelp. What a scam.

Really the only social media site that has helped is Nextdoor, provided you do good work.

A really creepy one is Three Best. For some weird reason I got put on their list, no charge but I never approved them to do it. At least I’m at the top. :top:

The irony is rich with this one…

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turns our equipatron is legit afterall.

What makes Yelp the worst?

Good to know, thanks!