EnviroSpec TNT Warhorse

Has anyone tried the EnviroSpec TNT Warhorse buildable package washers? I had a pump issue yesterday and mine is currently in the shop so looking to add another unit and maybe even upgrade and use my old (still new) one as a back up. Been looking at units all day and came across these. Pricing is good, but a little weary of them because of that. And its an Allison pump which it looks like some are saying stay away from?? Looking for a 5.5 gpm machine so if anyone knows of or has any ideas of where to look I’m all ears. Pressure washer products said no one really orders the 5’s anymore and is going to 8’s, and still waiting on a call back from pressure wash store. I’d rather stay at 5.5 because I’m limited on space for a buffer and I have a 55 gallon already that I think will be fine for the 5.5. Thoughts?

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Ger in touch with pressure tek. Espec has a bad history

I did see where you mentioned this before in a past post. I’ve only ordered a few small things from them but I will definitely take your advice. But what is the bad history if you don’t mind me asking?

They are sue happy so I’ll be good. Just remember, if you use bleach you are a slash and dash scam artist according to their website.

Kinda odd that they don’t let you see the SDS/MSDS data till after you buy there cleaning products.

Weird. So you have to buy to get one? You couldn’t have them send you one before hand?

I’m sure if you wanted to, but if we are all splash and dashing, what are they using? I read somewhere on there site " use hot water and be 6 to 8 inches from surface"

They sell there own line of products .i bought 2 drums of their delimonene before i knew better and spent a solid week with soft scrub trying to get the etching of the windows of an entire townhome community because of it.

With a no return policy on chems, I read it as, hey buy our secret stuff and if it doesn’t work sorry.

Had a big roof to do last yr bought a 55 gallon drum kit of there Prevail for roofs it wasn’t that bad dirty didn’t do squat sprayed with 3% cleaned right up called them will I was up on the roof to see if there was something I was missing told them I had done mixed the whole drum or I would send it back asked if they was anything they could do store credit or my money back they said sorry nothing we can do !! Think they have a new owner now

No new owner. It’s still john

Oh ok must have misunderstood though Dan bought it

I’ve been wrong before. You might very well be right if it was recently

Not sure if he bought it all or just bought in as a partner. Will say they carry a good line of semi degreaser have used them a good bit and they have a sealer called Plex Master we use or customers like it and I use there stainless steel suds sucker not because it injects alot more but because it comes with four different orfice sizes for different gpm never bought any washers from them

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Their super suds sucker is identical to a general pump injector. Put the calipers to both and you will see. You can order different orifices for most any injector of you want them.

Yes sir u are right it won’t draw more I just like that it comes with four different orfice sizes that are easy to change wish they all come like that so if u have different gpm machines or moved up in gpm u would be good

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Man I have no idea as of owners or any history on them. I’ve only ordered a couple of small things from them and since I’m newer to the industry I don’t have any other experiences with them. Their site does show a Dan Galvin as CEO/managing partner and a Joseph Walker as CFO/managing partner for what that is worth. Don’t know them or the other guys y’all were referencing or if this is new owners or the old ones. However, I did decide against the TNT warhorse unit and ended up going with a pressure pro 5.5gpm 3500psi belt drive unit from a local dealer that I just found. So hopefully that unit will do me good and keep me running. But thanks for all the information, I greatly appreciate it. Since I am newer, I do rely some on the experiences and opinions of the more experienced guys on here. So thanks!

I was looking at the TNT machine solely on price, and obviously I paid WAY more for the pressure pro unit I just ordered. However, it is from a semi-local guy (couple of hours away) and from a customer service standpoint I’m already a step ahead. He has offered to give me a loaner unit until mine comes in to keep me working and no one else can offer that! The guy just earned my business on that alone. Come to find out, he is a dealer for several PW’er companies including Landa, Pressure Pro, and Hydrotec. Always nice to find a local guy that I can support and who can help support me as a small business.

Sounds like great customer service and I just can’t figure out why Envirospec hates sh so munch I love the stuff there is an article on Dan if I can find it I will post it sure some on here know him

It’s great to buy local. If he is giving you a loaner to get you by until your new unit arrives he’ll also give you a loaner if yours ever goes down for repairs. You can’t beat that.

Envirospec probably hates sh because they probably try and push some homemade snake oil and are in that uneducated crowd that says sh dries out and ruins shingles.