Engine problems


The original problem was the machine losing spark when it heated up.
We replaced the rectifier/ regulator and one of the 2 coil assembly’s. Now the engine seems to want to stall every time we let off the trigger. It also seems to cavitate the pump when the initial start fails. This never happened before but if I let the pressure out of the line the engine starts. Any ideas?


Start by replacing the other coil.


If anyone cares that’s the sound your engine makes when you try to soft wash on one cylinder. The coil we replaced was bad.


U get her fixed up then i take it??


Yea its working. Guy at the store said he never seen a factory ordered coil go bad so fast…just my luck lol. I’m sure it was defective.


Have had 2 coils go bad on different 690’s with under 200hr’s on both Honda knows they have a problem.


That’s a bit disappointing to hear. You would figure honda would try harder.