End of the day



I only saw one guy on a surface cleaner… but I heard the roar of what sounds like a jet airplane from around there somewhere LoL

He was finishing bottom floor. That was just one machine running. Kinda loud with all of them going lol

So you do the buildings too and then the flat work? Roofs?

I don’t do roofs. On these we are doing gutters, washing building and breezeways. Only concrete we are doing on these is interior of the breezeways.

18 min is insane.

Do yall do anything for 2nd/3rd floor balconies?

Soap and rinse from the ground. I love it when people don’t clear their balconies. One less to do.

Yeah thats what i was wondering.

It’s normally about 1.5 to 2 hours per building wuth a 2 man crew. That 18 minutes didn’t include taping keyholes, alarms, rolling up hose or anything

18 minutes with 5 machines could prolly be like 9 minutes if you didnt use Dial soap…

Im sure 5 working together would be a sight to see… i honestly dont know how that is possible without getting everything tangled.

That’s why we’re don’t do it often. It was the last one and hydrant was beside it. One in breezeway send 4 on the outside. Hose tangled mess for sure lol

Didnt even think of water supply… can u branch multiple lines of a hydrant? I have no idea how you do what you do.

Garden hose thread off the hydrant. Just put a couple of hinflow garden hose wyes off of it andvrun a hose to each truck

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